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  1. G40Sully

    351st General Service Regiment

    A mighty impressive set of images. I have been looking into the 351st Engineers at Porthcawl and thought I could provide some feedback. There are 3 images taken along the Porthcawl seafront that can be imagined from a similar view obtainable from Google Maps. The Guys marching along a road with a wall to the right and few people watching was taken at ... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.4762159,-3.7085753,3a,28.2y,303.08h,86.43t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seMuNLXf3kNPHJZMMgDdYQA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The two showing a marching column of GI's and a column of Women (ATS ?) was taken here ... https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.4756425,-3.704003,3a,52.1y,308.69h,80.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1slmlLanTCxNfAta6XRI7Z_w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I think the photo of your grand father standing on what looks like a river bridge may have been taken in Cardiff (the overhead wires in the background could be overhead electrical feeds to the trolley bus system) - I will feed back if I find anything. There is a booklet "Porthcawl at War 1939-1945" by Mike Mansley that has an account of the 351st (amongst other U.S troops) at Porthcawl and, perhaps the only reminder of their presence, a concrete block with the Engineers "Castle" emblem pressed into the surface. It is in poor condition and the metal emblem that may have been there originally is absent. There is a photo of it taken in the 1990's in that book. I would be most interested in any information relating to the 351st or other units stationed in Porthcawl in the run up to Normandy and can provide an e-mail address if that would be convenient. Their memories must be kept alive so that the younger generations can appreciate their sacrifice. Terry. Van, on 14 Mar 2011 - 12:38 PM, said: Hello Joel, My grandfather might have known your grandfather. I seem to remember him talking about a guy up there that he kept in contact with. My grandfather had a number of photos from his service in the 351st engineers. I'll pm you the google photos link for the album I have scanned. I am very interested in the photos that you have.
  2. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    Thought I had, sorry !.
  3. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    Some early feedback .. The attached photograph, taken 20th Sept 1943 is of area in which 373rd constructed the Operation BOLERO storage facility. I have highlighted the Main Gate (to the Camp) - I presume that there were many construction access gates - and the Winter "Tented" Camp Site. The "Streets" and railroad sidings are fanned out on the middle and upper right half of the image, although I don't yet knew the naming order of the streets, A thro' M or the sidings - presumably a construction plan may exist somewhere ?. The collective site was known as G-40, but this included the parts of an existing storage depot and camps "Hayes Lane Camp", "Ridge Camp" and "Farm Camp". All very very interesting ... If you wish to see an aerial photograph of the area today, you can zoom directly to it using this WikiMaps link .. http://wikimapia.org/#lat=51.4055775&lon=-3.2311821&z=16&l=0&m=s
  4. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    That was great - many thanks indeed for the extract !. Later this year (Summer 2011) I will try and take some "then and now" comparison shots, although most of the locations shown in the photographs (quality not too good) have been redeveloped or obscured by vegitation. The tented camp site is now a field and so a comparison shot should be possible. I understand that there were a number of similar "G" sites created in Great Britain during 1943 and would imagine that the construction drawings for buildings should be pretty much standard. It may be a while before I can update you on progress, but be assured that I will give you feedback. Regards and thanks. Terry
  5. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    Thanks for the lead - I am chasing this up, but its not a common title !. I have also submitted a request to USAMHI Research Centre (December 2010) for photocopies of any relevant pages from the work "The 373rd Engineer General Service Regiment in World War II", which is listed as being in their collection. I am told that there is a piece on building of G-40 with photographs (but whether the photographs relate to G-40 (Sully) remains to be seen - if I am lucky that is). If anyone has a lead - or better still a copy - of this work, perhaps they could get in touch so that I can confirm my presumption. Much of the land occupied by G-40 and its associated tented camp remains undeveloped, and any buildings that may have existed have been removed. A group of us in Barry intend to have a "poke around" this Summer, if we can get permission. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any connection to G-40 as I am trying to put a history together as there is no recognition of the presence that the American Armed Forces made to the town between 1942 and 1944 - although a fair number of Barry "girls" became "GI brides" - my Aunt being one of that number.
  6. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    Most interested to know that there is a "UK Branch". What started me on this link was a reference book - "The 373rd General Service Regiment", Historical Records Section, Adjutant Generals Office, Washington DC - I am told that it contains a chapter on the 373rd's work in constructing the G-40 Camp at Barry (near Cardiff) in 1943 - I was shown some photographs scanned from this book which supports that premise. I would dearly like to find a contact who knows where a copy of the document is archived so I can request extracts. I guess that I am not the first person to tread this trail - so any thoughts ?.
  7. G40Sully

    373rd Engineers

    Hi !, I am not quite sure how this Quote/reply works - but here goes .... First, the introduction - I am a member of a small group from Barry (South Wales), Great Britain who are interested in the activities of American forces stationed on the outskirts of the town as part of pre D-Day "Operation Bolero". There was a sizeable camp located by the town, known by the code name "G-40". We do not have a great deal of knowledge on who built it, who staffed it and what went on there (Transpiration we believe) as, under war time conditions, too many enquiries at the time may have given the wrong impression !. We have recently opened a website covering our intentions at http://barryhistory.co.uk/ - please take a look. What drew me to your site was the words "373rd Engineer General Service Regiment" in the correspondence as I am led to understand that the 373rd were the construction engineers for the G-40 site. I have tried to obtain more information on this document as it may mention the work down in Barry (maybe called Sully in the book) by the 373rd. Hopefully explaining the when and who !. Although it is 66 years since the "GIs" left Barry, they didn't leave altogether empty handed - taking a fair number of "GI Brides" with them (please see the site) - my Aunt amongst them. The "Friends" are considering the possibility of erecting a memorial to the US Forces that were at G-40, subject to local authority approval - but need to collate more background so that the "modest" memorial, if we are successful, will represent ALL units that were stationed there. Any information, where to go looking, who to speak to etc would be most welcome. Confidentially will be observed where necessary. Regards to all from "this side of the pond". Terry