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  1. Hey, I'm still around. It's just that often I feel that I don't have much to contribute to the discussions... Has anyone heard from Rocky or Dogdaddy lately?
  2. ...and I'll probably say it a thousand more (that's why I put it in the Shooting The Breeze section). I can't believe people just throw away the things the good things and keep the junk!!! I just read the post about the son not wanting the dog tags that his dad left in Italy and was AGAIN reminded of the stuff that people toss out. My mom is the manager at a donation center and people come in there and actually tell her the stuff "belonged to: my dad, my mom, my grandmother, my grandad, my great-grandmother, my whatever...." "it's real old" blah blah blah... She has received a WWII era nurse's cape (near mint condition), a pair of bib overalls (I don't know what they're really called, but they're green and they're made like bibs) from the "Army Air Forces", and two days ago a big plastic tote of old military uniforms that we haven't looked at yet. Old handmade quilts, good grief how can you throw out something your grandmother sat there and hand quilted!! So sad, sad, sad......
  3. chambers

    I've said this a thousand times...

    The workers at the Vet's museum told me a few things about the uniforms. The soldier's name was G.W. Powell (it was written on the collar of some of the shirts). According to his Army number he was a draftee, he said that draftees numbers began with the number "3". The patches indicated he was a first sgt. The colored patch signifies a state-side division. The tan uniforms were WWII era, there was also a complete green wool uniform, too also WWII era. The blue ones were next, he said perhaps early 50's. They also said it was rare that a draftee make fist sgt. Is that true? and that perhaps this guy trained other troops at Ft. Dix.
  4. chambers

    Happy Birthday Colin!!!

    Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm late
  5. chambers

    I've said this a thousand times...

    Here are a few of the latest finds. They're going to the Veteran's Museum this weekend. Does anyone know what era these are from or what the patches signify? Some of the pieces appear much older than the others. Thanks
  6. chambers

    Greetings from Italy

    Welcome, Maurizio!
  7. chambers

    Read any good books lately?

    Yes, Marion that book definatly looks like it's right up my alley. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!
  8. Has anyone read any good books lately? I've reached a standstill with reading material and can't seem to find anything that turns me on. Book sales recently have really been lacking around here; a whole lot of nothing. I like personal stories about real people, the statistical books put me to sleep.
  9. chambers

    Happy Birthday Rocky J Squirrel

    Happy Birthday! XOXO!!!!!
  10. chambers

    Latest photo of Rocky

    love him!!!!!!
  11. chambers

    Day nine and still no power...

    The interstate thru Ripley is pretty sparse. Power is still going out periodically in some places but overall we're on the mend.
  12. Don't know how much has been on the news this past week about the storm that took out the power in most of WV. HOT HOT HOT the past several days, hundreds of trees down, and still no power at my house. ugh...
  13. chambers

    Day nine and still no power...

    I believe it!! Do you know where she was? This stupid storm affected 53 out of 55 counties. I was pet sitting for a friend that lives almost 40 miles from my house and when I left their house that Saturday morning there wasn't a spec of electricity between there and Fayetteville. There were two gas stations open with awful lines. It was down right creepy. Oak Hill didn't get power back for several days and I'll tell you, a city is creepy at night with absolutely no lighting. Felt like a scene from The Walking Dead. I had to go and pick Eddie up at the airport Saturday night and I waited an hour and a half at the closest gas station. I knew that there were a few in Beckley open but I their lines were just as bad so I just waited. I didn't even know if Charleston was going to have electricity at that point (turns out they did). There were still some trees down on the way to the airport and that was after 6 pm. I got some pics of it but I haven't gotten them off of my tablet yet. That Shell station was crazy... there were people everywhere. I saw some guys pushing a car up the line and gawd it was sooooo hot!
  14. chambers

    Day nine and still no power...

    Finally got power back Monday night around 7, cable & internet back this afternoon. There are some people here in town that are still out. We had a couple trees down in our yard, they didn't hit anything (small miricle), some roof damage, and threw away a boat load of food. It didn't take me long back in the "world" to realize that I didn't really miss anything.... I'm surprised there wasn't much on the news about it. Sad..... The welfare recipients will be re-issued food stams for their lost food, the rest of us are SOL. My mom couldn't even get the national guard here in Fayetteville to give her a pack of bottled water from the skid they were sitting on, nor could they tell her where the distribution centers were. This town was totally unorganized and completely unprepared, most of us were just on our own. It was sooooo stinkin' hot. They said we had record breaking temperatres and many of the records were set in the sumer of 1988. I remember well the summer of 1988, we had no AC in the house or the car! It was miserable, lol!!!! At least last week we were able to get our cars and go somewhere, most of Beckley (20 to 30 minute drive) was up within 24 - 36 hours of the storm. Eddie was home that week and took me to Starbucks almost everyday so we could check our emails. My uncle was in FL that week, but his empty house across town had a nice gas hot water heater so I was able to take a hot shower most of the time which I was grateful for (his house actually had power restored on Wednesday). Those two days of heating water up on the grill to bathe were enough for me. I can do it, but I don't have to like it. They said on the radio that some of the poles being replaced were so old they were erected in the 1930s with mules. Todd: my BF applied for a job in Oki a couple years ago, the company didn't get the contract. He really wanted to go. So glad to be back
  15. chambers

    Missing several of our regulars

    Hello, everyone. I'm still lurking, too. I miss the old times as well. More often than not I feel I don't have anything to contribute. :
  16. Cool!! I hope they get to meet.
  17. chambers

    Illinois WWII Classroom Project

    Glad to see the "Like this" button. I like this
  18. chambers

    check your sources

    Thanks Chuck, just today someone was talking about the cell phones going public. I received an email the other day and one of the very first sentences contained a link that said "this is true check it out here on snopes". It went on and on about how the government is going to take something away from us. Well.... I clicked the link and the snopes site said it was FALSE. What the??
  19. I would think that 99.9% of the people here are generally supportive of anything you do. They may not want to respond because they may think that they don't have anything of value to contribute to the discussion. I love organizing events even though it can get stressful. Yes, in this day and age it is super easy to RSVP, people are just lazy, LOL!!!!!
  20. I agree with Jim on this one. Here's my two cents: I never listen to talk radio, talk on the radio usually puts me to sleep. HOWEVER, if it was a subject I was interested in done up by people I know I would definately lean my ear to it. As for going on your own or going with the radio station for $8,500 per year I can only say.... If the committment involved with the contract makes you uncomfortable don't do it. Or tell him that is beyond your comfort zone and could he possibly do a 6 month contract instead of one year. Doesn't hurt to ask. If you feel you would be just as successful on your own of course you could try that route too, you won't have to pound the pavement drumming up advertising. Depends on how much time you have to get that accomplished. I help organize events at work, too. Retirement parties, Christmas luncheon, breakfasts & lunches. We always take the number of people that RSVP'd and add 10% to it. If we run out of food, tough sh*t. When that happens my co-worker makes it loud and clear they should have RSVP'd. lol!! Actually the last couple retirements we had a ton of people RSVP and only two thirds or so showed up. The last retirement luncheon we planned we had over 25 people RSVP. The Retiree called in sick on the day of the luncheon and we had to scramble around that morning and call everyone. Thankfully we did get ahold of everyone but we were eating cake for a week!
  21. Wow. Yes, this section is getting much too long.
  22. chambers

    Happy Birthday to Chucktoo

    Hi Chuck and Happy Birthday!!!!! XOXO Brooke