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    359th engineers

    This website is great. I can't wait to get in contact with other people that have a desire to reach through time and grab information.
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    359th engineers

    What you have written is right on to what the book goes through. There is no author to give credit for this book. A few years ago I looked up another soldier that was listed in the manifest as being in my Grandfather's platoon. When I contacted him I described the book to him and he had never heard of it although he knew my remembered my Grandfather. But when I started dropping names of different officers he was astonished. One thing it talks about is they had the job of building the dummy tanks for Pattons fictious army. The book goes on to say that for most of the war they were in close proximity to tanks at all times, which makes sense because of the few stories he used to tell, was about being in jeeps with blacked out headlights and there was a time that they had to march through the snow and when they would stop they would sit down and the person in front would allow the person behind to put his feet in their armpits. As soon as they hit the beach the first job they had was clearing beach obsticles and mine fields. One story was of a local French farmer who had observed the Germans planting the minefields and when the engineers came up he showed them his diagram to help them clear them. Do you want my email? I can go into more detail on whatever you want to know.
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    359th engineers

    My name is Aaron Drennan and I'am the grandson of a deaceased member of the 359th engineer regiment. I have been given a book from my grandmother that was published by the regiment in 1945 in Holland. The book is very detailed with lots of photos, copies of orders, and a manifest of all members that shipped overseas. This book is so detailed it gives individual stories from different soldiers. I hope that if anyone has any questions about the regiment or if surviving members might comment on the book if they recieved one to.