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  1. GratefullyFree

    Hi! My name is Kim

    Troy, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will send you a message later. I had written one but my mailbox was full and it didn't go out. I am heading to the library within the next half hour. I really appreciate you telling me about this. Nice to meet you. Kim
  2. GratefullyFree

    Hi! My name is Kim

    First I want to say Thank You to anyone who has served, in any branch, for the United States. I know I have freedom today because of sacrifices that other people have made. I am hoping to find more information on the company that my Grandfather served with during WWII. I have some of his papers. I have heard that he could have been attached to the 14th but then was told it was most likely the 6th he was attached to since he came home after Europe. Any help would be appreciated. I am already very proud of him (he is no longer with us) but I have this strong desire to learn more. Thanks, Kim He was with Co.A 125th Armored Engineer Battalion His Battles and Campaigns listed were: Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Rhineland, Southern France, Central Europe