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  1. Caryl-280ECB

    Info needed PFC George KASHULA

    It absolutely breaks my heart to think he has no living relatives, no photos, no stories, and the only thing remaining is a name etched on a stone cross.
  2. Caryl-280ECB

    DANFORTH ANCHOR - need information!

    OK I've gone through all my construction photos and battle photos and none of them SHOW an anchor, even in storage in the ponton. They are all already deployed and all you see is the achoring line extending beneath the water. In the Operation Flashpoint after action documents I found the following, which my help Ft. LWood Narrow down the TYPE of anchor used. Heck, they taught them how to properly deploy and set them, CERTAINLY there are some illustrations around somewhere. This is the area of Wesel and Wallach Germany, Red, White and Blue beaches. ( 30th Inf Div, 79th Inf Div, 1148 engr grp,1103 engr grp, 1143engr grp, 1117 engr grp, 1142 engr grp, 202ecb, 258 ecb, 280 ecb,171 ecb, 234ecb,989 treadway bridge co, 17 armed engr bn-trdway bridge co - co E, 180 engr hv pon bn, 554 engr hv pon co, 73 engr L pon co, 1355 engr dp trk co, 747 tk bn (minus co D-operating lvts) ======================== Treadway Bridge, M-2,20016 anchors used in a normalanchor system - no cross stream cable. ( you'd think with that many used, some would have turned up in SOME internet document about being found during dredgings, NOPE) Heavy Ponton Bridge, anchors used were of various weights from 200-600 pounds These were salvaged from barges in canals along the Maas River. Anchor system was later reinforced by bailey crib anchors. (LARGE van sized wire boxes filled with whatever they could find that wouldn't fall out, dumped in the river and used as weights/ anchors)
  3. Caryl-280ECB

    DANFORTH ANCHOR - need information!

    K. Digging through my papers now.
  4. Caryl-280ECB

    DANFORTH ANCHOR - need information!

    I just reread that. I don't know WHAT information he's looking for, but the Danforth is still a VERY common anchor. It folds flat, pops open on contact and then you drag to anchor on the bottom and winch in the boat. Kind of like an underwater entrenching tool ! I think what I have in my documents is numbers of anchorts used and placement, but no diagrams. Certainly FT LWood would have placement information concerning drift and strategy. Otherwise, it's kind of common sense.
  5. Caryl-280ECB

    DANFORTH ANCHOR - need information!

    OH WAIT! I was just reading about anchors in my FlashPoint paperwork (after actions of the crossing at wallach, red, white and blue beaches. I'll go back and reread them tonight and post as soon as I can.
  6. Caryl-280ECB

    694th Engineer Base Equipment Company

    It is fun, and frustrating at the same time. My next research project is to do search on my grandfather's Korean Flying unit. Another obscure mess.
  7. Caryl-280ECB

    My friend's military story

    FUNNY ! I had a similar event. I'm on a base that is known for its huge number of green trainees. I have a service star on my front windshield and that apparently startled a few into stock still attention. Oh well. Better safe than sorry.
  8. Caryl-280ECB

    694th Engineer Base Equipment Company

    Which is why it is SO darned impossible to find information on them. (so was the 280th) They came into being for wwii alone and vanished just as quickly. I can't even find much of a mention, besides the aid given in the air assault, for their existance. The after actions HAVE to be out there somewhere ! Sounds like it's time to pen to paper and make a formal written request for them.
  9. Caryl-280ECB

    694th Engineer Base Equipment Company

    Two years ago, I was right where you are. A LOT of digging, A LOT and I'm getting there. May I suggest a call to the historian at Ft Leonard Wood. It's a start.
  10. Caryl-280ECB

    694th Engineer Base Equipment Company

    and from here.....Base Equipment Company 5 officers, 168 enlisted men This unit, usually located at or near an engineer depot, made various types of heavy construction equipment available to engineer units on a loan basis. Skilled operators were sometimes sent with the equipment.
  11. Caryl-280ECB

    694th Engineer Base Equipment Company

    Hmmm ... digging for a while. Found the 694th Howiters, the 694th Recon, the 694th IG,the 694th Araments, 694th Truck company, and then..... ==================== US port Units.. http://www.519thportbn.com/search?q=694th+ ============= 5th Army ============ plus Name: Ron Sanders E-mail address: PapawRon@aol.com Requests/Comments/Answers: I am looking for any information on the 694th Engineer Base Equipment Company. It was the unit my Brother in Law was in during WWII. He said their unit shipped out in 1944 from a Camp Clayborn located in Louisiana. He said they arrived in England, then to France, Antwerp and to Belgium. He thought his Company Commander was a Captain Schaad or Schad. Later the C.O. was a Peterson. Would appreciate hearing anything at all about this Unit. Thank You, MSG Ronald Sanders, USA Retired. Wednesday, June 8th 2005 - 10:14:39 PM =============== So the information is out there. Keep digging.
  12. Caryl-280ECB

    mobile app for vi corps

    YES !!!
  13. Caryl-280ECB

    Now and then

    I am currently doing just that for my blog. I'm starting with google street view and also enlisting friends in Europe
  14. Caryl-280ECB

    Dog tags

    and am still waiting.....ugh
  15. Caryl-280ECB

    Dog tags

    Hey all. Please forgive the different user name, apparently I have two. This is the one I could remember today (Caryl-280ECB) Anyway, my aunt emailed me this morning and the mother of one of her friends apparently has some dog tags that she want to return to next of kin. I am awaiting an email from her as to the era of the tags and how on earth she aquired them. I know it's possible, and alot of work. I'm just letting you all know I might be needing your research help soon or a contact of someone that can help her. Hope all of your research is going well. Mine is almost at a dead end. Although I am going to see about getting my friends in Europe to take some current photos of some old stomping grounds Caryl
  16. Caryl-280ECB

    December 24, 1944 - Chester W. Owens

    WOW! I never gave thought to there having been Active Duty Firefighters on the frontlines. As a firefighter's daughter, Salute and Thank You!
  17. Caryl-280ECB


    tee hee ! Yup, I got demoted ! But it wasn't because I was a stinker, I promise!
  18. Caryl-280ECB

    I'm here

    Hey! I was at Chenute TOO, albeit in the 90s. You'll be happy to know I did radar on probably the same giants you used 50 years earlier !!!!
  19. Caryl-280ECB

    251st Combat engineers

    Welcome ! Your dad probably yelled at my grandfather!!! Also at Camp McCoy! I have some photos of camp on my blog. Swimming at the lake, drill, field duty. (280th ECBs) http://280ecb.blogspot.com
  20. Caryl-280ECB

    Dog tags

    If you can merge this one into the Caryl 280 one that'd be great. The back story to the tags is that my aunt has a friend, whose mother just passed away. They knew she had been engaged during wwii, but married someone else instead. In her belongings they found these dogtags, and ribbons that were not her husbands, but suspect that they were the fiance's. The currently family hopes to find information and maybe get the things BACK to his family. I'm still waiting for the name and serial number.
  21. I'm Caryl in the sunny HOT HOT HOT Panhandle of FL. My beach is slathered in oil, so I've taken to my winter activity of family history and geneology to entertain myself after my morning pool swim. Obviously I'm new here. I am working on research on my grandfather, who passed in 2000. He never spoke of the war with the grandchildren as war wasn't something you discussed with genteel young ladies. Sigh. I was able to finally get a hold of his service records from the archives (luckily none of them were in the great fire). He is listed as: before 44 he was in his 3.5 year at Valley Forge Mil Acad. - his whole senior class enlisted at Christmas, without graduating. I'm hoping to get VF to confer honorary diplomas for that class that went off to war. Co L 311th INF March 30 of 44 Co A 280th Eng Combat Bat from 4/23/44 until 8/11/45 730th Engineer Det Dist Co 11 OCt 45 (after that he went to flight school and went officer.) I know he was at the BoB, Aredennes, and Alsance Fr. I THINK he was in some part of D-Day. I'm looking for areas of work, and battle lines, any photos, unit patches pictures etc. I know it's a lot to ask, but I've been reading the forums and you all are amazing. He was a bridge builder and a construction forman. We're AirForce and I'm lost with all the army history. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. I will check back often for replies. Again, thank you. (DH is a PH recipiant from Khobar Towers, still AD AirForce. I'm a life member of the Ladies Auxilery. So if there is anyone here of that group, "Howdy!" We don't have a local group down here, so I've been out of that loop for 6 years!)
  22. Caryl-280ECB

    Battle Bridges _ Wong

    Amazing insight for how things worked, and didn't, for those of us that weren't there.
  23. Caryl-280ECB

    280th combat engr bat. Hey Ya'll !

    Well OC I will ! could you also email me Marlin's email addy?
  24. Caryl-280ECB

    280th combat engr bat. Hey Ya'll !

    It's a start. http://280ECB.blogspot.com I'm determined to get this information into the electronic world !