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  1. My mother was very close to vincent she would know something but she is very ill and can not communicate !! sorry !! I will try to talk to the remaining family most are gone !!!

    but i will call my cousin and see if she knows anything? I know vincent had a brother Cornelius(Boy) Callahan he served in the Pacific but died in the 70s i think ?


  2. My Great uncle on my fathers side was Horace E Derrickson Co C 1278th ECB and My great uncle on my mothers side was Vincent P Callahan who was co C 2756th ECB Died non battle Apr 18 1945 in germany accidentially shot by 2 GIs messing with a german luger and accidentially firing it hitting him as he was reading mail !

  3. Heres awards of Cpl. Clayton H Thornton service # 17263596

    Combat construction specialist

    born 1932

    from lake minn.


    Killed in action July 28,1951 in north korea as a member of 65th engineer combat bn. 25th inf. div.


    awarded Purple heart,Korean service medal,UN service Medal,National defence service medal and korean pres. unit citation


    Any idea were I can find a 65th engineer bn crest?


  4. heres back!!! trying to find out were in bucks co. Pa. he is buried !!! feel as though

    should pay respects with flowers since all his family is gone and stuff was being sold by people who cleaned out an estate!! Im a softy!!!


    I believe his unit fought at Gothic line!! but not 100% on that???

    THANKS AGAIN now we know what units were in Italy!!


  5. Guys Thanks for all your research ! Turns out the Dealer was wrong He was a member of 351st Infantry Regt. 88th Division someone found him on a unit list!

    Sorry! thought he was a combat engineer by what dealer told me still happy to have this PH from local hero!!!! heres a picture trying to research him a bit! wrote army for IDPF and st. louis for info will let you know what comes back! NOT a combat engineer but a nice PH !!! :drinkin:


  6. just woundering what combat engineer battalions were in Italy? anyone have a list?


    picked up a Ph named to a local vet that was kia and family is gone Saved it from

    Ebay paid too much for it but he was from my county in PA and felt It hade to stay in this area! I know he was killed in Italy on sept. 25 1944 and was suppose to be an engineer thats all I have he was awarded ETO medal w/1 battle star if that helps! may be I have wrong info but maybe you guys know!!!


    his name was Alexander G Rose us army #33 337 595

    kia 9-25-1944 italy !!!!

  7. hello

    need help finding info on the death on my great cousin PVT Vincent P Callahan #33173283

    he was member of co C 2756th combat eng. in europe he was killed by gunshot wound to head( NBD )about 1820 hrs 19 april 1945 at beckstein germany !have copy of morning report at 1900 on same day two men were arrested pending charges PVT colwell bert NMI # 3568207

    pvt juhnowski anthony j #31106477

    UNsure if this is related but guessing it is ! any one outhere who has info or can help please email me at scottplen@comcast.net

    family needs closure of what happened was he murdered or accidentally shot????

    fought through normandy - germany just to get killed like this is a sin!!!

    thanks scott ??