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  1. scott

    2756th combat enginners co C

    My mother was very close to vincent she would know something but she is very ill and can not communicate !! sorry !! I will try to talk to the remaining family most are gone !!! but i will call my cousin and see if she knows anything? I know vincent had a brother Cornelius(Boy) Callahan he served in the Pacific but died in the 70s i think ? Scott
  2. I know william was prewar 5th engineers is there a prewar yearbook or photo ? i would love to find a photo on him ! Scott
  3. scott

    Co C 1278th engineer combat bn KIA

    My Great uncle on my fathers side was Horace E Derrickson Co C 1278th ECB and My great uncle on my mothers side was Vincent P Callahan who was co C 2756th ECB Died non battle Apr 18 1945 in germany accidentially shot by 2 GIs messing with a german luger and accidentially firing it hitting him as he was reading mail !
  4. This is my Grandfathers Brother KIA Malmandy Dec 21 1944
  5. his grave !! Thanks Chistoph !!! What units were in 5th engineers ? 1278th engineers ? found out he went MIA Dec. 21 1944
  6. seeking any info on William A Sawatzky 5th engineer combat Bn MIA/KIA Belguim I am guessing a battle of bulge KIA but not 100% sure on unit ? Thanks scott
  7. scott

    Cpl. Clayton H Thornton

    heres back showing engraving !
  8. scott

    Cpl. Clayton H Thornton

    Heres awards of Cpl. Clayton H Thornton service # 17263596 Combat construction specialist born 1932 from lake minn. Killed in action July 28,1951 in north korea as a member of 65th engineer combat bn. 25th inf. div. awarded Purple heart,Korean service medal,UN service Medal,National defence service medal and korean pres. unit citation Any idea were I can find a 65th engineer bn crest?
  9. scott

    Cpl. Clayton H Thornton

    hello Thanks for all the links I picked up his posthumous Purple heart in a trade when I recieve it in the mail I will post a pic. of it Thanks again !!! scott
  10. scott

    Cpl. Clayton H Thornton

    Hello seeking info on Clayton H Thornton KIA north korea was a member of 65th engineer combat bn 25th inf div in north korea 7-28 1951 any info a help!! thanks scott
  11. scott

    combat engineers in Italy

    THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO !!!!!!! scott
  12. scott

    pic of engineers !

    heres a pic out of a photo album from a 101st airborne combat medic I knew! I think its tenn. manuvers! scanner down so tried my camera hope it turns out ok!
  13. scott


    heres other side
  14. scott


    heres something that I pick up from an old occupation MP many years back talks all about this stuff!
  15. scott

    ww II engineer patches

    and engineers intel. patch I think its WW II