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    • Welcome to our forum. It's a real shame that the 207th's site is no longer available. I've seen that happen to too many WWII sites over the last 10 years or so. Think of all the valuable information that has gone missing now. Luckily most of the links including in the above post are still functional. Hope you downloaded the PDF files. I would suggest contacting NARA in Maryland to obtain the unit's files. There information is provided in the Research Section of this forum. 

    • I hope you find the answers you are seeking. I'm going to look through the forum to see if I can come up with unit info.


    • Hello all,  I am looking for any information on my Grandfather Leonard (Bub) Wolfington., or the 207th Combat Engineers.  He was in B. Company.  I have found lots of great information on this site, but it seems that most of the links are broken.  If any one has pictures,  a copy of the map, or any information at all,  I would greatly appreciate it.  I have several pictures of my grandfather and several other guys. I will attempt to post them here.  I can only make out a few of the names on the photo.  O'Boyles,  Campbell,  and Carpenter.  I hope these will help someone .  


      207th group pic.jpg

      207th group pic back.jpg

      Leonard Wolfington.jpg


    • Hi Everyone! 

      I am undertaking some family research and was hoping someone might have some information regarding the 358th Engineers, and their movements throughout WWII? 

      My grandmother was courting with a 1st Lieutenant, based in the US Army and together they had a daughter. The child was put up for adoption and the Lieutenant disappeared in the beginning of 1945. My grandmother went on to marry another man and have 4 more daughters.

      We are trying to trace the Lieutenant, and based on advice from this site (before i joined as a member), i have written to the Archives in St Louis, hoping they may be able to help me further. 

      I was wondering whether anyone is able to help with the movements of the 358th Engineers, and shed some more light on their involvement in the war, where they were based, ANY information would be greatly received. 

      I have also discovered someone who meets all the criteria, even name and rank, on findagrave.com, however don't want to get my hopes up on it being the same person until i hear back from the archiving place. (i sent a letter 2 weeks ago). 

      If anyone has any questions, I will help as much as i can! 

      Many thanks in advance to anyone with information.

      Roxie (28, Oxfordshire)  


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