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    • I hope this turns out to be a lucrative search. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

    • Yesterday, I received this email. I am so sad. Johnny Thompson

      Hi Marion.  This is Susan, Johnny’s daughter.  I want you to know that his cancer has spread and he is under Hospice Care at home. He no longer goes on his computer or answers phone.  He no longer converses unless asked a question.  Please pray for our family.  I knew that you want to know...
      Thanks, Susan

    • I have been helping a French friend, Caroline Bell, search for a WWII soldier who served, we think in the 1321st Engineer General Service Regiment, and in the process, I came across your 1301st website. 

      My husband and I live near Marinette, WI and our parents served in the Army and Navy, WWII Japanese Occupation and Korean Conflict. My husband's grandfather served in the Third Infantry Division "Rock of the Marne" in WWI near Chateau Thierry, France. We travelled to NE France last year to see Verdun and Chateau Thierry and learn more about WWI. We both enjoy history and learning about those who have served our country. Last night I read the tribute and materials about Bill Douglass and thoroughly enjoyed his account. I noticed he was from Northern Illinois and trained at Camp McCoy in WI. Camp McCoy is close to the area we were raised, Elroy and Kendall. What a wealth of knowledge he had and his experience with Patton :). So wonderful you have preserved his place in history.

      As I mentioned above I have been helping a French woman look for an African American who served near Metz, France (Rousselange) in the end of 1944-1945 . We do not have the soldier's name but do have several photos of men in his regiment that were taken at a studio in Rousselange (NW of Metz). From the pictures we were able to identify the castle lapel pin as being a General Service Regiment of African Americans. One of the photos shows Company A, but that is not the specific person in question. The French called them a "genius" unit.  We are hoping to get rosters of the various companies of the 1321st regiment and any living veterans that may have knowledge of the men of this regiment. Basically looking for any leads to narrow the search. If we can find the soldier's name then we can send for information from the National Archives, but without a name it is hard moving forward.

      I recently read "Nothing But Praise" by Aldo H. Bagnuto. I noted that Walt's Daughter was consulted for leads for this book. It is a history of the 1321st Engineer General Service Regiment . From the book, I believe this regiment was assigned to the area in question and the book leads me to believe that the man is in Company A, Company C, D or F.  

      Thank you in advance for any assistance, contacts or leads you can give me. Sincerely, KLC


      97268837_2834481446677948_5761119867855962112_o (1).jpg




    • Should be a star per campaign. bronze stars equal one and silver equal 5. Here is my grandfather's hand sewn ribbon:


      He has 1 silver and 2 bronze - that indicated 7 campaigns. If your Grandfather has four, that would indicate only four. His uniform could possibly be "out of date", if you will. That is, he may have put it together when he only had 4 campaigns in his record but more were added later. For example, the ribbon bar above does not include the WWII Victory medal. I didn't see anything on the paperwork you attached, but it would have to be on something, somewhere. For example, the modern DD-214 (what you get when you process out of the military) has all awards. I would look into NARA to request his records. My father did that for my grandfather and he even got new medals with the documentation. There are restrictions as to who can request them, however.

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