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    • Saundra, 

      Just the bit you posted is a great help.  My father, Donald Sloan died in 1981 at the age of 69 and like many he did not talk a lot about the war per se but did have a lot of stories about his experience.  Funny stuff.  Like when he enlisted going through the cursory medical test.  He indicated he was hard of hearing but the fellow who was filling out the forms apparently checked hemorrhoids instead.  The next station he was asked to drop his drawers!  No mention was ever made of hearing again.    Fast forward.  He was still in England after the troops left on D Day.  A superior officer walked by my father and asked a question.  Not hearing the officer my father put his hand behind his ear.  The officer saluted back.  Clearly other things on his mind. 

      He spoke of the cities he was in,  castles and trains, people he met, the Ludendorff Bridge, and getting onboard ship to head back across the Atlantic.  As they headed through the Panama Canal he was hoping they were going to sail to California and be discharged.  Surprise!  On to the Philippines.     

      I too have the list of home addresses of the 1058 ENGR Port Construction and Repair.  10 pages,  legal size paper, double spaced two sides.  Your father is on page 2.  

      I am very interested in the wherebouts of the 1058th if you are willing to share.  

    • My Grandfather is Sydney Reid Purvis.  He served with the 344th Engineer GS during WW2.  I have pictures of him with Master Sergeant stripes and a medal citation with his rank being a 2nd LT.  I know he served in the H&S Company as an LT but do not know what his previous Company might have been.  I would love to find some pictures or info about his service so I can give to my Daddy and Uncles.  I am assuming he was with the 344th from the beginning because I have a picture of him in Scotland.  I have been reading this website for a week and am astounded at the information.  The funniest part is they all told me he was in D day.  That seems to be a common theme.  Operation Dragoon, talk about getting looked over in the history books.  Also, I saw where there is a book called “The 344th has Traveled,” or something similar.  Where can I buy a copy of that or at least download.  I look forward to hearing from you all.

      Todd Purvis





    • I love the secret squirrel comments. :D

    • No, nothing sensitive or classified. Only one time (actually, on that first trip) was I ever involved in something secret squirrel-like. And I only was providing security while other, actual secret-squirrel types did the work in question. Further, if I told you what went on you would kind of go, "oh" as opposed to be hanging on every exciting word. Not all secret things are James Bond exciting. Even the US secret network (SIPRNET) isn't that exciting when you look around on it.

      As far as looking young there, you're right about that. That was 2004 so 15 years ago as I type this. I really can't believe it's that long ago.

    • CaptO, thanks for the reply. I didn't say anything else about my questions because I thought I might have touched on a sensitive subject, maybe something classified. That does answer my questions which were more curiosity than anything else.

      I loved the pictures, very interesting. Thanks for adding those.

      All retired, you certainly do look young in those pictures. Thanks for your service.

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