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    • If you get in touch with the Eisenhower Museum, they have records for the 505 AAA. 

      This collection is located in Box 306 and contains data on the following units -

      493rd AAA AW Battalion 494th AAA AW Battalion 495th AAA AW Battalion 497th AAA Gun Battalion 502nd AAA Gun Battalion 503rd AAA Gun Battalion 505th AAA Gun Battalion

      These are actual archived records from the war.

    • My husband is very knowledgeable with artillery, etc. and he said he's never heard of a self-propelled gun like that. He said, why would it be self-propelled? Maybe that was a misunderstanding?

      505th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment (Mobile) Constituted in OR as 505th Arty (AA), CAC, 7-29-21. Organized in December 1921 at Cincinnati. Redesignated 505th CA (AA) Regt 6-3-24. Withdrawn from OR and allotted to RA as inactive 10-1-33. Redesignated 77th CA (AA) Regt (Cld) 8-1-40. August 2009 The Coast Defense Journal Page 73 505th Coast Artillery (AA) Regiment (Mobile) Activated in AUS 6-1-42 at Cp. Edwards, MA, and moved to Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, PA, 11-29-42 and staged for overseas deployment. Departed NYC POE 12-8-42, arrived England 12-13-42. Moved to North Africa 3-4-43 and landed in Salerno, Italy, 9-9-43. Inactivated Santa Maria, Italy, 3-14-44. HHB redesignated HHB 505th AAA Gp; 1st Bn redesignated 87th AAA (Gun) Bn; 2nd Bn redesignated 900th AAA (AW) Bn; 3rd Bn disbanded.





      View of 90 mm anti-aircraft gun emplacement, Okinawa, 1945.


      Video - 90mm

      90mm gun M1/M2/M3

    • I am going to post several links on our site that may help you with abbreviations. Welcome to the forum.

      Reading and Understanding Discharge Documents

      "spin codes"


      Hope that helps! The links above and other information can be found in my RESEARCH section. :-)



    • Even though this is a very old post (2007), we can always learn something. Thanks!

    • I think the numbers after job titles are the MOS (military occupation specialty) numbers.  Honestly, each individual was reduced to his MOS and was assigned just like parts in a supply chain.

      Not sure about the self-propelled 90mm;  Try googling it...or try the Fort Sill web site and history.  Sill was a major  AAA training camp during the war.  My Father did basic there before being shipped to an CA battery overlooking Seattle.




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