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    • I wondered when I was typing list if some of the names might be nicknames as happens a lot in military. I did not try to check anything as I did the list, just copied as written. Thanks for all you do for this group of Veterans. As I have spent some time checking the pics I see that my Dad also identified #83 as Pvt Corley and I could not rule out that is James Corley. 


    • Michael, this is great. The names you have fit mine when they are identified by both of us. We have one disagreement, that is you call number 96 Pfc Corley and Dad called him Pfc Korol. I remember that Dad even spelled his name correctly. I sent an e-mail to James Corley"s son and asked him if he could identify his Dad as engineer number 96, and James Young as number 121 ( his Dad and James Young lived close to each other and were acquainted after the war). I would think that the other names are correct and we should probably add them to the identified list. Still digesting. There is a picture of James N. Corley in our post dated Dec. 13, 2015. See if you can find a match. I will let you know as soon as I hear from his son.

      Glen Blasingim

    • I typed the info as it was on the photo even though I know some of the names were spelled incorrectly. One typo is mine, on the photo Lamanowize is the spelling on the photo. I wish that area near the trees and the trees had been preserved. Would have been nice to go over with metal detector and to get pics of the trees.

    • Received this, this week. And I want to add that John Fallon is still with us. 




      Hello all,


      Holly and I send our best wishes out to the 36th Combat Engineers family.

      We hope all is well.


      I wanted share the attached photo that I received today from the American Legion Post 331 in Stone Harbor, NJ.

      Holly, my brothers and I ordered the Memorial Pavers last fall for dad & Tony.

      I don’t know who donated John’s, but I had tears in my eyes when I opened the photo and saw all three of them, side by side almost 75 years after first serving together and then being friends for the rest of their lives!

      Dad would have been 100 and Tony 104 later this fall.

      We miss them and all their former comrades in the 36th!

      Thanks again from our family for taking such good care of them all during those last reunion years!

      Stay Rugged!


      Best Regards,

      Ted & Holly Furtado




    • Thanks Michael. Give me some time to digest this list. I thought that my Dad should have identified more of the men in the B Company photo. There are several in there that I was sure that I could identify from having seen photos of them that had been previously identified but I did not identify any of those men in the post. The men identified are identified only by my Dad on more than one occasion with no coaching from me. Some of them were close friends.

      That is interesting about Watertown. Dad remembered it because they got to stay in some kind of a government building and got to put their tents away. Watertown was a place where they got to take R&R to Nashville. I think Watertown was about the last place they stayed on Tennessee maneuvers, when they left there they went south to Fort Rucker. I wonder if my Dad ever carved anything in either of those old oak trees.

      So glad you shared this.

      Glen Blasingim


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