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    My father, Myrvle Gilbert Roberts served with Company "B", 159th Engineer Combat Battalion from October 3, 1942 in England to September 19, 1945 in France. My father was gravely wounded in Normandy France on June 18, 1944. My father passed away in 1966 at the age 47. I am an only child and have no surviving relatives that can provide information as to my father's service during the war. I am traveling to Normandy in April with the specific goal to locate where my father fought in Normandy and if he came by land or sea (which beach). Also would love to find out where injured soldiers were taken for surgery and recovery in France during the battle of Normandy. I contacted the Army Personnel Records Division and unfortunately my father's records were destroyed in their fire some decades ago. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Sandra Roberts Deiderich sdeiderich@gmail.com
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    My father's recollections of the Battle of the Bulge and Malmedy Massacre. Stack_Malmedy Massacre.pdf
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    Company F, 1303rd Engineer General Service Regiment's bridge across the Saar River. Skip to the 4:20 mark https://s3.amazonaws.com/NARAprodstorage/lz/mopix/111/adc/111-adc-3464.mp4 I just thought that I'd share this for anyone who might be interested.