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    This memory of my Dad's comes to mind occasionally. It is something he remembered after so many years so I will share it. Harold G. Baxter, Tec5, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the only man that could get B Company together in one place. When the brass called the company together Dad said they usually got about 75%, or less. The engineers didn't have a lot of interest in words from the top, company news or attaboys. But when word got around that Harold was calling the get together, 600+ engineers gathered around ( the Colonel learned to take advantage of this ). His secret word was mailcall. Letters and packages from home were what every engineers heart needed. Harold is shown in this picture with some of his friends. He is kneeling in the front on the viewers left.
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    Thanks Michael. Numbers 69 and 71 both could be one of two engineers. I listed them like your Dad did but I can't narrow it down. Maybe Wayne Nichols, nephew of Robert Nichols will weigh in on this. I do not have a way to contact him, he might see this and respond.
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    Thanks, I do believe that the James Corley identified as #83 is the one in the picture you referenced. I have heard back from National Archives a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately they said his records were lost in the fire they had some years ago. It seems at some point he was transferred to Co K 104th Infantry Regiment that is listed on his burial record and a shoulder patch of the Yankee Division is part of the Military keepsakes we have. I'm afraid this is all I will ever know as so much time has passed. Thanks again and be sure to let me know of any new developments. Michael
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    I typed the info as it was on the photo even though I know some of the names were spelled incorrectly. One typo is mine, on the photo Lamanowize is the spelling on the photo. I wish that area near the trees and the trees had been preserved. Would have been nice to go over with metal detector and to get pics of the trees.
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    I have crossed the numbers on my photo to the numbers on the photo here. I noticed that there is a couple of people that were previously identified that are identified differently on my list.
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    Neat story. Thanks for sharing some of your childhood memories.
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    I am from Watertown,TN and that is another part of my connection. My mother and father meet when he was here on maneuvers and stayed in touch. Sometime after his return they got married and had 6 kids of which I am #2. We lived in Baltimore till his passing and moved back to Watertown. We lived on the edge of town and across the street was woods. I spent most of my childhood in those woods and there was 2 very large Oak trees that were covered with carvings from the troops. They must have been camped there. The trees are gone now and the field is covered with houses. The only thing I remember that was carved was "KILROY WAS HERE" but there was a lot of initials.
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    The "c" stands for combat and the B.N. stands for battalion! :-)
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    After comparing the ones that are identified in your photo to the ones in my photo the numbers on my photo run left to right starting in first row. At the top a small corner is torn off and there was something written there on the back I think was B CO after that is " 160 ENGR (c) B. N. January 13 1944 Camp Rucker Alabama " . I don't know what the (c) B. N. means if anyone can help.The list then lists 1 - 60 with rank, last name, and Platoon. Should I post them on here? I am new so not sure what I am doing.
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    Welcome to our forum. Wonderful to see yet another person identified in this photo.
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    My Father is #56 in this photo. Private Kenneth McBride Baltimore, MD. I have this same photo and it has numbers on the back with rank and last name up to number 60 but does not tell how the numbers run.
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    My Father Kenneth McBride was in the 160th Co B I have the same photo of Co B that I saw on here. He is #56 in the photo. I;m glad to fing some info as he passed away in 1960 when I was 7 yr old. The only info I have is the photo, the burial record and his Medals. He was wounded somewhere in Europe and lost his arm at the shoulder. If anyone has any info I would be very interested.
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    Thought I had done this already, so my profuse apologies. This is a file compiled by Doug Steinke. Robert_J_Steinke_160th_Engineer.pdf
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    Yep, that's me in the back right. Since the majority of my photos from that trip were digital, I changed the file name for all of the pictures (several hundred!) with either the place or name of the individual/s therein. I made sure to do this within a few months of returning so I would not forget names. I also have a headshot of each of the Marines in my platoon with their name tape showing. I knew that I would want to be able to put names to faces some day!