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    1st Army...1058th PC &R Group was attached to different units at times in the ET. A lot is not written about the 1058th due to this issue. You Tube has a video on the collapse of the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen which is very informative. They also participated in the Battle of the Buldge and several other campaigns including being shipped to the Phillipines (to help with ending the war in Japan) after the surrender of Germany. I have some information as to their whereabouts on most given days through unit morning reports if any one is interested or can give you the information on the researcher I hired.
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    Glad to hear from you. My father, Walter N.P. Curlock was with the 1058th PC &R Group throughout. I have quite a bit of info on the 1058th as I hired a researcher 2 years ago to retrieve the units reports and all other pertinent information on the 1058th PC & R Group. They were involved in many battles and campaigns most notable was the Battle of the Bulge and the repair and ultimate collapse of the Ludendoroff Bridge at Remagen. I have many pictures but cannot identify where some were taken. You can read about the Ludendorff Bridge along with videos on Utube and various newspaper articles published in Stars and Stripes which I have if you would like could email them to you. I too have some stories and would enjoy trading them with you as my father passed in 1991 and didn't talk much about his experiences in WWII. One reason you cannot find out much about the 1058th is because they were often attached to other units.
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    Check out documentation on the collapse of the Ludendoroff Bridge at Remagen. My father was there with the 1058th PC & R Group and was attached at times to the 291st engineers who were also there. Lots of info out there about 291st. I hired a researcher and he did an excellent job retrieving unit morning reports stating where they were and when. Good hunting!
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    Beautifully said. I just wish that more people from the forum could have met him. But they can still enjoy the documentary, etc. of he and Carl Furtado. Both great men who I miss so, so much!