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    Dean Glumac

    19th Cmbt. Eng. Regt.

    Ms. Marion, Thank you for the warm and gracious "welcome aboard"; it is very much appreciated. And thank you for being so kind to add my email address to the 19th Eng. email group. Aside from some sons and daughters, I would imagine, just like my father, many original members have passed on and the reunions have probably come to an end. In regards to the 19th and the documentary...No Bridge Too Far, I'd be interested in learning about what the documentary describes about the 19th, but, From my fathers' records as well as information provided by Mr. Tim Nelson (father Clayton), the 19th Cmbt. Eng. Regt., which was formed at Ft. Ord, Calif. was sent to N. Africa, Sicily and Italy and was not involved in the ETO, just the MTO.