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    I will leave for the Battle of the Bulge commemorations in Bastogne tomorrow and will get back on Sunday. For the first time I am not going by car but with a Dodge WC-52. For now the weatherforecast predicts snow but I won't be surprised if there isn't any snow. Nevertheless the main goal is to commemorate and remember those who fought for our freedom and paid the highest price. For that I would like to share a song written and composed by an American friend, Mark Chernek: They did their job back then, now it is our job to keep the memory alive! Best wishes, Frank
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    Wow! I have a hard time remembering people I served with two years ago! I will say, however, I do remember guys from my platoon in Iraq a lot better than others - and that's been 13 years (hard to imagine it's been that long). I imagine that being with the same set of guys for 2-3 years would really sear details into your memory. I was only with my guys from 9 months.
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    Wanted to share this funny video, Forrest Gump looking for Lt. Dan while Lt. Dan is playing with his band: