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    John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Hello, My name is John (Jack) Cherry. I am an unofficial Internet sleuth for the Cape Cod Military Museum, I am disabled and spend a lot of my time tracking down the Military History of Cape Cod. One of focal points is the Engineer Amphibious Command formed at Camp Edwards, on 15 June 1942. We are in search of accounts, photographs and memories of any and all of those that spent time on Cape Cod, as part of their Military service, in this or any other Commands here. In my short time here as a member, I have found a lot of material and am very thankful to M-1 for accepting me as a member and providing a great site to utilize in my search for information.
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    Thanks for the link
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    thats great marion! I Bet if he could he would thank ALL the Soldiers that were under him! But what a wonderful deal signed books! i been doin alot of reading about the 291st.. an have joined a couple of the web pages from our friends over there in normandy.. and the other units that were along side the 291st during that time thank you for your note!! kitty
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    This is a document citing the railroad bridge over the Rhine River in May, 1945 constructed by the 1053rd...