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    285th Engineers

    I know the only (as far as I know) living soldier of the battalion, he has a speech by LTC Gottschalk that he was going to let me borrow. Once I have a digital copy of it I'll be posting it to the 285th's website.
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    Always something interesting going on, on the forum. Bravo! Gary and Kent, always wonderful to hear from both of you. The Ike jacket is priceless! On an off note, just waiting for my proof copy, Gary. Should arrive any day now. If I am satisfied with cover and interior, then I give the company permission to release the last book in my trilogy. You bet I'm excited!!! Happy T-Day to all!
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    My father was a diver for the 1053rd. Did the the ETO and wound up in the Philippians at war's end. Second from left, bottom row, Mike Sokoloff.
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    Gary, I'm back! I'd like to get a copy of the Clear the Way 292d poster, but I can't seem to find your post about how to go about it. Can you refresh my memory? Lisa