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    Walt's Daughter

    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    One of M1's many mysteries!!!!
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    Great work on the topic Gary and Randy!
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    Walt's Daughter

    2827th Company C

    You could literally spend months perusing all the documents, memoirs, and gallery photos on the 36th. Here's one of my fave photos from a past reunion. We had reenactors come out, and had a convoy through town. What a blast!
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    steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    Hello everyone. I'm just starting to find out about this picture of my father, Walter Boshko. He's in front of a sign. Can someone fill me in on the 2827th? I can tell you that my father was not an American, he was a Ukrainian, so I'm confused by this picture What was the role of non-Americans in the Engineering Unit?. Thank you. Steve
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    Very interesting find indeed Gary ! Thanks for posting. Randy
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    Declassified ( as all above ) maps showing camp locations in Iceland. Obtained at NARA College Park MD KIC_Document_5.pdf
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    824th EAB A & B Co. Monthly Organization Reports spring 1944. A_Co._824th_EAB_Monthly_Organztn_Reports_Mar-May_1944.pdf B_Co._824th_EAB_Monthly_Organztn_Report__Mar_1944.pdf
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    Please see Co. C report 1 July 1994 near end of file. States 824th was drawn from 1st Battalion 21st Engineer Aviation Regiment. Obtained from NARA College Park MD. C_Co._824th_EAB_Monthly_Organztn_Report__Mar-June_1944.pdf
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    Monthly Organization Reports for HQ Co., 824th EAB, March-June 1944. Obtained by trip to NARA College Park, MD. HQ_Co._824th_EAB_Monthly_Organztn_Reports__Mar-June_1944.pdf
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    The attached .pdf file of an INDIGO Jan 1942 memo states that Co.s B & C 21st Aviation Regiment ( I believe of the 1st Battalion ) were sent in January 1942 to Iceland to relieve the Marines already there. I obtained this declassified from a research trip to the NARA Archives at College Park, MD. Memo_Jan_1942_Indigo.pdf
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    This is a pic of my Dad ( then Pvt Joseph F. Kubik Jr ) with one gentleman identified, George Sabol. He wrote to my Mom in Jan 1997, looking to reconnect with my Dad who had already passed away. Both my Dad and Mr. Sabol arrived in Iceland June 22, 1942 and the Company Morning Report for B Co. 824th EAB shows their assignment to that Co. effective that date.
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    Slinky 75 - here's a .pdf file instead of jpeg . Hope you can read one of these, or enlarge it . 03241901.PDF
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    Slinky 75 - here you go !!
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    Slinky 75 - I can confirm your Grandfather was in HQ Co., 824th Engineer Aviation Battalion. The reason I state so is that I paid a researcher, Golden Arrow Military Research https://www.goldenarrowresearch.com/ to attempt to find my Dad's records. Geoff Gentilini, who did an excellent job finding and summarizing what he could find in Company Morning Reports, Company Pay Rosters, and a most crucial document for you, sent me a .pdf file containing the Order which sent our ancestors on to a Replacement Depot from Iceland to be plus-ups to other EABs in the event they took combat losses. Your Grandfather is listed as Tec 4 Hamilton C Snell 3301266?4 Hq Co on the document I have for "B" Co ( all others are lined out, so your Grandfather is listed but crossed out, making out his serial # tough ). I'd suggest you get in touch with Geoff at Golden Arrow. He did an amazing job filling in more of some of the things I knew, and finding things I did not know about my Dad's service, and what I paid for it was well worth it to me. I'll try to print out that Order and attach it in a next post, hope I am successful, and I hope you see this many-years-later reply. My younger daughter took me to Iceland and Normandy in June 2017 to retrace my Dad's footsteps. It was an emotional event, to say the least.
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    What the major is up to now

    Well, folks - I'm retired. Hard to believe it, really, but it has finally happened. I'm going to create a separate post on my retirement ceremony, but wanted give everyone a quick update. I haven't been around the site a whole lot lately since I've been job hunting in Texas. I had a good interview with Lockheed so hopefully that will turn into something, but I'm not counting chickens just yet. More to follow on that later. My brick on the walk at the Marine Corps Museum. . . The rest. . . https://www.irista.com/gallery/mmjcpl8nntm2
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    In memory of the children

    I just listened to a book called KL about the whole concentration camp system. It's a hard read (or listen, in my case) but very informative. I would say that almost no one in the US or beyond has any idea about how they were come about or why they were used. They were mostly for the purpose of eliminating opposition to the regime by frightening people (most were released at least early in KL system) or eventually killing them. Jews always got the hardest of treatment, but the main categories were communists, a-socials, criminals, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, gypsys, Poles, and homosexuals. Once the war kicked off, the life in the KL got much worse and as the NAZIs gained more and more territory, the goal began to morph into complete destruction of Jewry. The mass killings really started in earnest in 43+/-, much later than mist people believe. Many in Auschwitz, for example, belonged to the categories I mentioned earlier. The only Jews that were (late in the war, at least) there were saved because they were strong enough to work. The elderly, infirm, and Women with children were typically sent straight to the killing centers and not even registered in the camp. I realize there is a lot of generalization in the last paragraph, but there were enough exceptions to things, to make a "short" synopsis incredibly difficult to get right. It's well within the ball park, however.
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    I find it interesting that something, so mundane (morning reports) at the time, become interesting and precious research material decades later. Our morning reports in the Marine Corps have been done an a computer system for years, so they may, ironically, be much harder to retrieve later.
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    Happy To Be Here Thank You

    WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTT?????????!!!!!!!! How did I not know this about you??!! That is crazy! I'd love to hear some, M1! Bass, huh? I farted around with bass a little when I was a music major at Loyola New Orleans. I was a trombonist so it seemed a natural transition, if any string instrument is a transition from brass! Didn't go very far. . .
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    Info on 1017th Treadway Bridge Co

    That's crazy! It's amazing that things like this can appear out of nowhere. I, too, am not optimistic that you will get through to the gentlemen who originally asked, but you never know. Now here is the reason for this website and not just living on things like FaceBook (). Were this on FaceBook, it would never be seen a few days after posting. Thank you, Marion!! Thank you for keeping this website alive to make these things possible!!!
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    Rest in peace, gentlemen.
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    2827th Company C

    That guy on the far right looks pretty young for a WWII vet!!
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    Folks, Just found an interesting article on the University of Texas' "Portal to Texas History" website concerning Cpl J. D. Davenport, a member of Company A.
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    steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    Marion, Thank you for that information -- it's a start. Love this website. I spent an hour just reading some of the action reports and looking at the photos. Regards, Steve
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    Walt's Daughter

    2827th Company C

    He was a 36th Engineer. You can read all about them on the main site. He is a 6th Corps Engineer, which this site is dedicated to. Please see their page, and then you can also read all the individual memoirs on the site too. Redesignation In February 1945, the 36th Engineer Combat Regiment was reorganized as the 36th Engineer Combat Group. Thus the following occurred: 1st Bn became the 2826th Bn 2nd Bn became the 2827th Bn 3rd Bn became the 2828th Bn We had our last Seahorse reunion in 2017. Sorry you had to miss them. They were a blast. Looks like I have a lot to share with you.
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    Every now and then, especially if I wake early, I enjoy a journey through the latest posts on Marion's website. I was attracted to this post by the great photos and agree with both Todd and Marion that the photos here are an awesome collection. I particularly like the framed medals and badges, which I suppose is one man's WW2 history. Also in the photo of the truck, the young boy in light coloured shorts and shirt with his hands clasped behind his back would be around the same age as me if it was taken in 1942! The first and fourth photo remind me of the English seaside town and port of Margate near where I was born on the south east UK coast. Colin.