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    Well, the resolution is 7200x9600 and is thus scaled for an 18x24 poster and it should print with no issue. I had a question from someone wondering why I used 292d and not 292nd. I did it because in the unit documents that I have it was 292d. However, the map has 292nd in the body of the text so I created a second version with 292nd for anyone who would prefer that version. Gary
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    Sure thing. As far as the loved one, that's something I have to write about to you in private. It's a longgggg story... Here's where the image hangs among others. This is one wall in our entertainment room.
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    Farewell Donald Burgett - 101st Airborne Well another veteran friend has passed on. He died last evening at 6 PM, after a long and wonderful life. I'm pleased to say I got to meet up with him several times, including having the wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of weekends at he and Twyla's home here in Michigan. Also went to several 101st Airborne meetings in Farmington Hills, MI, where he, Don Straith, and George Kosimaki, (among others) were in attendance. Rest in peace, my friend!
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    These are some pictures that my father in law had stashed away. I am assuming that he was in the 1058th because of the pictures, but all of his records were lost in the fire of 1973. In the one picture with his buddies in a bar or something, George Brannon is the one on the far right. I have no idea who the others are. The picture where they are sitting on a dock or bridge, George is in the center front. I have a lot more pictures, and will probably post them later. Most appear to be official Army photos that were badly copied.
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    After pondering this for months, I have decided that instead of currently putting all my efforts into continuing the documentary, I will put those same efforts into writing the book, No Bridge Too Far. That's not to say that I wouldn't pursue that avenue in the future, but right now it's simply not feasible. Why? Well two main reasons - 1. It's expensive 2. It's time consuming and difficult! So...I got to thinking and said, just go ahead with the book. I can self-publish. Also I can't tell you how often I am asked, "Is there an accompanying book and how can I get one?" More later...
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    These are pictures of George Edward Brannon "Ed" and some of his friends in Ft. Screven before they were shipped overseas. I don't have any information on any of the others except for their first names.
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    Yes, I have the orders, I recieved them in the mail in Early July 1966, I was discharged 21 Jun 1966. I posted them on here once before but will post again. These orders included the Combat Engr's that were front line troops. Also included is the correction to my DD214 and letter. I hope this might help some fellow sapper that was awarded the CIB
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    I have been fighting this fight for some time now. As a Combat Engineer during Viet Nam serving with A co, 1st Brig, 326th Combat Engineer 101st ABN Div. many of us were awarded the CIB I received the orders for mine after I was discharged (some 50 yrs ago) so this award was not on my DD214. I sent a copy of my DD214 along with the CIB orders to the military TOC for my awards and ribbons. CIB along with all other metals were received shortly there after. At this time I wanted my DD214 amended to reflect this award. It took a couple of letters and some time but just the other day I retrieved the amended DD214 that showed as MOS 12B2P Combat Engr I was formally awarded the CIB. I guess persistence pays off. If I can be of any help to other Combat Engrs please contact me. Bill McGugin
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    Thinking today of the service and sacrifice of Seaman 2nd Class Bryl G. Bowman, who went missing in action on this date 75 years ago. Seaman Bowman was a crew member aboard the USS Houston, which on 1 March 1942 was caught in a desperate battle with the Japanese fleet and was sunk off of the Java coast. Of the 1061 men aboard the Houston, 693 perished. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Houston_(CA-30) http://www.click2houston.com/news/ceremonies-mark-75th-anniversary-of-uss-houston-sinking On this 75th anniversary, here is to all the sailors of the USS Houston "still on duty"
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    That's the Memphis Belle crew and it was signed by one of the men. The document at the top is a certificate regarding the Battle of the Bulge. My father's name and unit are inscribed on it. I received that years ago. The airplane is a signed painting (I also have the signed book) from a veteran I knew years ago. It was a Christmas present to my husband . It's Herschel H Green of the 325th Fighter Group. Here it is, unframed.
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    Geez! This is an old topic! Nice to see again!
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    Rest in Peace Sgt. Don Burgett, your sacrifice will never be forgotten and your legacy will live on. Don served in A-Company, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division. His outstanding books will give you the feeling that you're sitting next to him during the battle. An amazing person has left us. Picture taken in Bourcy, Belgium in September 2005
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    I appreciate you bringing these to the front (the front of the topic) again. As you can see, this has grown into 7 pages, and rightfully so. I am absolutely delighted that this was rectified for you.
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    Allow me to remind you, Company A, 803d Engineer Regiment was awarded the BSM with CIB according to document by USAR. The unit participated in the battles of Bataan and Correigdor. Over 50 members assigned to the 540th Engineer Regiment were awarded the CIB in Europe. Ref: GO number 24 dated 15 October 1944. With the new administration in office, a number of family members have been attempting to seek POC to advise the powers-to-be what has been occurring since 1948 with WWII veterans. Violations of the U.S. Constitution by applying guidelines after the fact. For the decision makers, they are also violating their Oath of Office, a Federal crime. If anyone has knowledge of a person or agency this subject may be presented, please share. A family member contacted DoD IG regarding this injustice. They forwarded the letter to Army IG. No response since August last year. Has anyone thought of contacting DOJ?
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    I have not seen many of these photos before, so that is always cool. No matter how many bridge shots I have looked at, it still amazes me. This post (elsewhere on our forum) is really interesting and even includes entries from a veteran that was there. It brings up the Philippines too. Talk about traversing the earth!
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    Here's more, including a fake bridge in Germany!
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    I figured that they were the same then as when I was in the Army, and that there has to be something somewhere. I just have to figure out which unit he may have been in. I think that he may have been one that went to the Phillipines because he had a collection of coins from France, Belgium, Germany, and the Phillipines. I am going to post some more pictures here, and I wanted to add that my Father in law's full name was George Edward Brannon and he usually went by Ed
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    Thank you so much! Email: markandkatie75211@gmail.com Address: 514 South 19th Street, Paducah, Kentucky 42003
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    Oh gosh yes. Just found out that one of my best friend's dad, was involved in this. Lucky, he came out alive!
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    Hi Markbris, I am very happy to hear this news! If you give me an address, and an e-mail, I make you in contact from my friend who found the dog tag! Thanks for now Enrico
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    I think I read this in MHQ when it first came out. Tragic campaign. Just awful for all involved.
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    My wife is the great granddaughter of Bernard Fosko. Her grandma (Helen Marie Fosko) passed away due to health reasons in 2009. My wife has been trying to track down things of her Grandpa for a long time now. Her name is Kathleen Marie Coreau (Brisbin). She goes by Katie. She is the one of the granddaughters that was in the book for Western Kentucky Veterans. PLEASE CONTACT ME BACK! My wife would be completely happy to have something of her Grandpa
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    That is so cool Marion! Thanks for sharing your wonderful keepsakes with us. It's Robert Morgan though, not Mike. You knew that, you were just testing me right? The crew for the Memphis Belle are as follows:[5] Pilot: Captain Robert K. Morgan Co-pilot: Captain James A. Verinis Navigator: Captain Charles B. Leighton Bombardier: Captain Vincent B. Evans The First Engineer/Top Turret Gunner: Leviticus "Levy" Dillon The Second Engineer/Top Turret Gunner: Eugene Adkins The Third Engineer/Top Turret Gunner: Harold P. Loch Radio Operator: Robert Hanson Ball Turret Gunner: Cecil Scott Right Waist Gunner: E. Scott Miller Right Waist Gunner: Casmer A "Tony" Nastal Left Waist Gunner: Clarence E. "Bill" Winchell Tail Gunner: John P. Quinlan Crew Chief: Joe Giambrone Have a good day, Randy
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    These are great Marion, thanks so much for sharing them with us. Randy
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    Job well done, Gary! I like it a lot, what resolution would be needed to make a full size poster? Think my dad would love to have one to hang in his barbershop or man cave. Thank you for all your efforts! Randy
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    Posted by my cousin on FB. Cass City, MI is near where he lives. Cass City WWII vet who lived ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ battle honored http://www.tuscolatoday.com/index.php/2017/03/01/cass-city-wwii-vet-who-lived-hacksaw-ridge-battle-honored/
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    Interesting story!! It's true, his experience is just too far beyond our experience to understand fully. I'm just finished listening to Band of Brothers and am in the middle of Beyond Band of Brothers by Maj Richard Winters right now and their experiences are just beyond belief sometimes.
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    Hi Marion, I am attaching the information about my dad Ervin J. Lochowicz. There is one PDF file titled John Howes information. Mr. Howe was also in the1289th. He wrote that the 1289th was assigned to the 15th Army and 23rd Corp. Also I am attaching some information on my uncle Pfc. Eugene E. Lochowicz. Ken Engineer_Express.pdf Dad Army Diary.pdf Ervin J. Lochowicz.pdf John_Howes_Imformation.pdf Souvenir_Edition_Bilge.pdf Training_and_Operations_of_1289th.pdf Pfc._Eugene_Lochowicz_search_history_2016.pdf
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    How very cool! Thanks so much for taking some time to share some of your family treasures. Gary
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    Wow, Marion, that is so cool! Thanks for the info on Mr Leckey! Maybe his loved one will post more about his service? I'm sure everyone here would love that. Can you do me a favor? Any chance you could take a photo of the signed poster hanging where you have it up? I think it would be cool to see it in place as you have it hung. Until next time... Gary
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    Do you know that I have a story about the engineer who posed for this poster? His name is Vincent Leckey and you can read all about him here. I also have a signed copy of this poster, that he gave me, shortly before he passed. It's hanging in my office and I'm very proud to have it! And Gary, it looks great!
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    Alrighty, folks! Here's a little something to take look at and please feel free to comment with your opinions. Higher res versions are also available. Thanks in advance! Gary EDIT: Thanks to the graciousness of Marion passing along information concerning the poster and the soldier who posed (see below) for it. This version is in honor of Vincent Lackey of the 43rd Engineer Combat Regiment and all of the "Vincent Lackeys" of the 292nd Engineer Combat battalion and other units who sacrificed so much for all of our freedoms. Just normal "Joes" doing their duty for all of us. G
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    I recently hired a private researcher, Norm Richards, to find all the morning reports related to my father. I actually learned several things from these documents and I'm so glad I took the time and effort to finally pursue this.
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    When I went to San Antonio and on the way back I stayed in Ok. City, with Martha, she took me to the 45th Divn. Museum there. It is a huge place. It was on a Monday, last Monday, and it was closed but the Curator was there and when he saw my cap, (34th Inf. Divn.), he gave me a personal tour, that lasted over an hour. Anyway there is one HUGE room filled with Bill Mauldins' sketches, BUT the one I was looking for was not there. So I asked the Curator about it and he rememberd so we went to the office and he found it. and the book. put the open book on a machine and he MADE me a 8x11 copy. and all he said was, THIS IS FROM THE 45th to the 34th.!!!! What a prize, Bill Mauldin drew it when the 34th reached 600 days of combat. I walked out of that Museum like I was 10ft. tall. The Curator standing at the door justa grinin'. The sketch was of Willie and Joe walking with canes and had beards 2 ft. long Joes' shirt had the RED BULL patch. Roque,(Rocky)
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    YOU EARN THE C.I.B. NO MATTER IF YOU ARE A BUCKASS PRIVATE OR AN OFFICER. IF YOU WERE IN COMBAT YOU DAMN WELL EARNED IT. tHERE IS NO CLASSIFICATION. THAT IS WHY IT'S CALLED C.I.B. COMBAT INFANTRY. I got mine in '44 when they were first issued. We just came off the line to a rest area andthe Lt. came by and tossed it at me, I said what the hell is this, all he said was, cause you were in combat. Custerman now you know how to get one. Rocky I STILL SAY THE COMBAT ENGINEERS HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO HAVE THE C.I.B.