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  3. On my fathers ww2 transcript from army enlisted records it lists the decorations he received ,they were listed as medals ,he has both the medal and associated ribbon ,my father in laws transcript which is navy has the decorations listed as just ribbons ,the family has none of the awards ,lost somewhere. My question is would my father in law only receive the ribbons as described or did he get both ribbon and medal.??.
  4. #1484 Engineer Maint Co

    Check out this link; it is to a page in the multi-volume report of the US Army Engineers in the SW Pacific. If not in any large library near you, These volumes can be borrowed via interlibrary loan and the US Army Military History Research Center.(old name). More when I have time. https://books.google.com/books?id=qIDgFaEiDokC&pg=PA182&lpg=PA182&dq=1484th+Engineer+Maintenance+Company&source=bl&ots=QR-KodFGBW&sig=hI_B6CbRQ6Clb272ToWuzCtefP8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjf38qAqPbZAhVh2oMKHfrGDsQQ6AEIMjAB#v=onepage&q=1484th Engineer Maintenance Company&f=false ps. I wrote my Ph.D thesis on the 978th Engineer Maintenance Company that served in the ETO. I THINK I may have some material related to these companies. I do know the first was the 56th Engineer Shop Company which in turn split with part of it (475th) ending up in Iceland. It provided the cadre for the 978th...which in turn provided cadre for the 1478th AND the 1487th Engr Maintenance Companies. The Table of Organization and Equipment (TO&E 5-157) identified a hq, contact and two maintenance platoons. How the companies were used proves more complicated. Some were in the combat zones, some in communication zone etc. The 978th for example was attached to the XIXth Corps in the ETO, and the Corps engineer officer wanted it as close to the front lines as possible. Others in other organizations were kept back...... theron
  5. #1484 Engineer Maint Co

    I am looking for any information on this group of Engineers. Photo taken 31 JU: 1945 - I have the list of names on the back and will post in this or a next frame depending on my PC Skills. To the best of my knowledge they were deployed from Fort Polk, LA to the west coast in FEB 1945 and to the Pacific about that same time and were mostly operating out of Manila until the end of the war. My Dad is back row 5th in (With his left arm on the bench)
  6. 975th Engineer Maintenance Co

    And BTW, the units of the 1111th Engineer group were: 291st -Colonel Pergrin 51st - Colonel's Fraser and Yates 296th - Colonel Jack C. Jeffrey 202nd -
  7. 975th Engineer Maintenance Co

    https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/100775371/stephen-e-o'brien https://www.fold3.com/image/291536760 https://www.ourfamtree.org/obituaries/view.php/Donald-R-Perkins/id/4863 http://www.veteransofthebattleofthebulge.org/vbob/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/1999-May.pdf See page 79 of this document As you've probably already noticed, there's not a lot of online info on this unit, therefore I suggest that you contact the following: NARA in Maryland - they have unit records and you can even hire a research assistant (as I did) Contact the Engineer Office of History in Alexandria VA - they were instrumental in my research - you can call too - 703-428-6563 Fort Leonard Wood - Office of Engineer HistoryHistorian, U.S. Army Engineer School 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 043 Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473 573-563-6365 or https://www.eisenhower.archives.gov/research/conducting_research.html
  8. 975th Engineer Maintenance Co

    Starting this for a new member. Will post what we find here:
  9. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Our pleasure!
  10. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Thank you very much, that’s really helpful and will be passed on the rest of the guys. I'm the tall guy with glasses and the mine detector in the pics.
  11. 5th Engineer Special Brigade

    Wow, that is very interesting. Thanks for joining and sharing the history with us. Can't wait to hear more about your grandfather and his unit. Do you have any documentation or photos? If so, would you be willing to share with us. Warmly, M1
  12. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    This is what Captain John Fallon said:
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  14. Greetings, I am the grandson of a WWII and D-Day Army veteran. He was in the 210th Military Police Company, a unit which was attached to, and trained with the 5th Engineer Special Brigade (5th ESB) at the start of the war. The Brigade itself was formed specifically to support the landing of the U.S. 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions on Omaha beach by way of clearing beach obstacles; marking and clearing mines; establishing roads off the Beach; and supporting the movement of men and material off the landing crafts/ships and into various depots in and around the landing areas. The core of the 5th ESB was made up of the 37th, 336th and 348th Engineer Combat Battalions with one Platoon each of my grandfather's 210th MP Co assigned to each of these three Engineer Combat Battalions for the D-Day landing. After landing in France, my grandfather's MP company worked traffic control for the Red Ball Express, and moving with it through France, Belgium, and into Germany. Hello to all!
  15. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Oh Liam, are you in any of the images on this page?
  16. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    I just sent a note to Captain John Fallon, who is still among us.
  17. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Hi everyone, we’ve had a hectic couple of years attending shows and teaching the work of the amphibious combat engineers. People are amazed to find a bit of WW2 history they’ve never heard of before. I do have a question though regarding the seahorse badges on the sides of helmets. When we’re these removed as I’ve seen them during landings but later? many thanks Liam
  18. Sgt james F. O'Laughlin's company, C Company, would have jumped and landed in Market Garden on Sept 17. George Jackson's platoon in B Company came in with the gliders on Sept 18. However, they might have known each other. I still need to have this chat with George. In addition, Frank Gubbels recently visited Bastogne to take photos and send them to me, in hopes that we can get confirmation of the location where George was during the battle. I'm working on sending that to him via mail. Exciting times!
  19. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    I know, isn't this wonderful??? :-)
  20. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    I need to add this:
  21. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    I am trying to find a book about the 326th but it doesn't seem easy to find one
  22. George Jackson, 326th Airborne Engineering Battalion

    So the helmet will be a frontseam one I guess. I can't see any evidence of decals which the 101st used. I am not sure if the 326 AEB used them but would be strange if they didn't use them (For example the 506th PIR used the Spade)
  23. The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    I am ecstatic to find that the reenactment community is finally recognizing the Engineer Amphibious units! I look forward to seeing more from this Unit in the future. If I can help them in any way, I will do so.
  24. 160th Engineer Combat Battalion WW II ( new member)

    Thanks Marion, this is great. I will try to get in touch with Doug and see if he will let me put those names to faces in pictures that we have already posted. I hope to learn more about the 160th from him. Keep up the good work. Glen Blasingim
  25. Introduction Hans Senden

    Nice to see you here Hans and good luck on the research.
  26. 453rd Engineers Depot Company

    A recent email to me about the 453rd from Randolph Watkins. Thank you everyone.
  27. DANFORTH ANCHOR - need information!

    Passing along this info. Thank you Kegan!
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