They Called it "Purple Heart Valley" - Margaret Bourke-White

After receiving a phone call from Steve, the other day, I went out and bought the book


They Called it "Purple Heart Valley" written and photographed by one of my favorites, Margaret Bourke-White.


He said his uncle Omar was in one of the pics, featuring the 39th Combat Engineers. I said I wanted the book, so searched online and found a good copy for a good price.


I recognized some of the pics, which David Wagner ( also of the 39th), had sent to me years before.


One thing I have to say about Margaret, is this - she paid great homage to the combat engineers and there are many photographs of them. So pleased to see this.

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There's "No Bridge Too Far"

Thank you for telling us about different books. I ordered Aces and will have it in my 'to read' queue.


Like you Marion, I searched to find a reasonably priced copy - and eventually was successful.




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