Madeleine Carroll - actress who gave it all

One of my friends on Facebook, posted some info on Madeleine Carroll this morning. So I did a little more research and came up with a website. Make sure you read the section entitled, War Effort.


This website is dedicated to the memory of Madeleine Carroll, one of the few actresses who successfully bridged the gap between silents and talkies, and who in her time was Hollywood’s highest paid female actress. Playing opposite stars like Gary Cooper, Ronald Colman, Robert Donat, Henry Fonda, she epitomised the cool British Blonde, remembered in such classic movies as “The 39 Steps”, and “The Prisoner of Zenda”.


Her story is also of her rare courage and dedication when at the height of her career, she “gave it all up” during WWII after her sister was killed by a German air raid, to work in the line of fire on troop trains for the Red Cross in Italy – for which she was awarded the American Medal of Freedom. She was also awarded the Legion of Honour by France, for her tireless work in fostering relations after the war between France and the USA.

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