Marion as co-host - Sunday, July 22, 2012 - 8:30 PM

Hey guys and gals, Dari has asked me to fill in for Dr. Tom Gauthier, who is on vacation this week. So, I get to play co-host! How exciting. What a wonderful opportunity for me. A great way to wet my feet before undertaking my own radio show, hopefully later this fall. Thanks Dari. Looking forward to it.




Military Author Radio

July 22, Guest: Ricki Bovee


Military Author Radio, also welcomes our 1st Guest Host - Marion Chard, from her studios in Michigan, filling in for vacationing Dr. Tom Gauthier, who will return next week on Military Author Radio, Together, we are proud to continue to provide our support of the Military Author Industrial Complex.

Welcome Ricki Bovee!


Ricki Bovee, is the CEO of Triple Bar Publishing, located in Ponce De Leon Florida, and was the ghostwriter and publisher for Come Walk with Me, Memoirs of a Cold War Bride by Aurelija “Goldie” Brigante. With Ricki’s help, Goldie published her biography in her mid-seventies, passing away just five months after the release of her book. Ricki came to know Goldie quite well during the writing of her history, and has much insight into Goldie’s reasons for writing and publishing this compelling story.


Aurelija Brigante, was born in Hungary, and was raised during World War II, during the Russian occupation, and then communist rule. Throughout this time she lived through the horrors of war and the effects of communism, and shouldered responsibilities robbing her of her childhood, living and learning lessons at an early age. At the age of seventeen she left home, alone, to begin a new life. Soon after, she escaped to Germany where she met and married the love of her life, Pat Brigante, an American soldier. In candid detail, Goldie tells of the horrors of life under communist rule. Her father abandoning them at an early age meant that as young as four years old she was left alone all day to care for her younger sister who had polio, while her mother worked to feed and shelter them. Goldie describes the living conditions they were forced to endure with combat constantly ongoing in their neighborhood.

So then who is Ricki Bovee?


Both Ricki and her husband Jim (once a World Class Competing Gymnast) are talented former circus performers, fine artists, writers, (both are published authors) and both are also fantastic Tailors! Yes, I said Tailors!


The Bovees create the most authentic replicas of Victorian era fashions, and show off their garments each year when the local Military Affairs Committee hosts the Eglin Officers Spouses for Dinner, the highlight being the historical fashion show, and then a tour around a lake decorated for Christmas. Together, we (yes, Dari included) have performed this "Fashion Show" for the Eglin Air Force Spouses 10 years. Ricki and Jim are both members of Am Vets, and are active there; Jim joining Sons of Am Vets as his father was a WWII Veteran. This couple is one of America's hidden gems. Community minded and spirited, both are witty funny, too. With such a large history behind this interesting and accomplished couple, for the July 22 Program we’ll concentrate on Goldie’s captivating Book, yet we’re already making plans to invite both Ricki and Jim Bovee back to Military Author Radio in the future.


We are proud to continue our series and a new, Spotlight on the Medal of Honor with Dr. Tom Gauthier.


Military Author Radio is a live program accepting callers, airing Sunday Evenings at 8:30 PM (EST), 7:30 PM (CEN) 6:30 PM (MST) and 5:30 PM (PST). Our call in number to speak with the host and our guest is: (347) 308-8613 or listen later in the week with our podcasts. Send an email to if you have a question for our guest.


Please feel free to forward our program descriptions to anyone who may be interested. In case you missed our July 15 program with Gordon Krantz please click the link below to be taken to the podcast:


07-15-2012 GUEST: Gordon Krantz

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Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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