Boy...Do I look that bad?

I thought you might get a laugh from this true story....

The other day I went to Starbucks with my sister to have a Mocha'. I was visiting with the college age girl who was making our coffee. I don't remember how the subject of WWII came up, but it did, and I mentioned that I enjoy studying WWII history and also that I collect WWII items. When I shared that with her she looked at me and asked: "Were you in WWII?" I laughed and told her that I was not, and that I am in fact only 58 years old. :blush:

I guess this speaks to the topic we often discuss about how little today's younger generation knows about WWII. That being said.... I guess I better look into some Botox and Grecian Grey! :blink:


lol! Someone asked my boyfriend once if he was in Vietnam, he's only 42.




When I was young(er), some girl asked me a photo of myself while we were talking on messenger (early days ... ah, the memories).

I sent her a portrait photo of a Waffen SS soldier.

She replied: "Are you in the Army?".

After I answered "Yeah, back in 1944!", her Euro (then Belgian Franc) still hadn't fallen. :withstupid:

Didn't bother anymore with her after that.


And when I was at university, some young lady asked if I had served in the Gulf (First Gulf War was still raging at that time).

I shook my head and mumbled "Yup, I even got promoted to Captain." ... :banghead:


Still makes nice conversation topics though and my Fiancée had a good laugh with it when I told her these stories (For the record ... she's FAR smarter then those ladies!).




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