John Fallon 36th Engineer in Docelles

A very interesting story. My how I'm always surprised when things pop out of the "woodwork" so many years later. WOW!


Here's the initial letter from Gilles:


Please hold your breath and open the attachment.


This picture comes from a local lady in Docelles.


More later, I'm just back from Southern France.


Kind regards Gilles




Here is the story.


A young reenactor I know has asked me the right to use John's biography in French on his website.


I said "sure".


A lady gets in touch with him saying she is the niece of the lady on the Docelles picture and that she has a framed picture of John in her lounge!!!!!!!


so this is the picture.


I am waiting to get in touch with this lady and will surely call her on the phone to know more and go and see her one of these weekends!!!


Very exciting!



Kind regards Gilles





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