M1860 Colt Army Revolver

Marion, I have a few but want to keep it civil here .....




My good buddy Mark (Veteran of the 1st ID - Gulf War) visited me, he gave me this cap he used in re-enactment.

The insignia are of the 7th Illinois Cavalry (on the side is a harp = Irish soldier).

Never mind the book on Bucharest (present from my Fiancée).





Great present from your buddy. I'm sure you are delighted to add that to your collection!
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Yes, it was a nice gift.

A day or two, we talked via messenger and he said I could have the Union Cavalry shell jacket too.

This is the closest I will get in having a few Civil War items, but I'm sure happy with this stuff.


A reading corner, surrounded by history .... sounds good in my book. :)

A place to relax, read a book, or just mesmerize ....




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