Attention veterans who fought - Tinian or Saipan

Thanks, Larry.

Maj Todd O. USMC, Retired
Grandson of LTC John O'Brien

I`m not finding anything on Capt. Martin Tommer that put him in any unit. 8 out of 10 times just googling the name will bring up narative of a unit mentioning his name, this time i get zilch.

According to the book, " United States Army in World War II, The Technical Services, The Corps of Engineers: The War Against Japan" by Karl C. Dod,


The bulk of the airfield work on Saipan was done by the Engineer Aviation Battalions under the 1176th Constuction Group.

The 804th Engineer Aviation Bn. started landing June 20th, D+5 and replaced a Seabee unit repairing the Japanese airfield.

The 805th Engineer Aviation Bn, landed in late June, ( no date given).

Units under the 1176th Construction Group were: 804th, 805th, 806th, 1878th, and 1894th Engineer Aviation Battalions.


I dont like to guess but the 804th EAB might be the best possibility for his unit. Hopefully you can obtain his discharge documents so we can get the facts. Keep in mind that he may have been in more than one unit, for example if he remained in the service after the war and his unit was inactivated, he would have been transferred to another unit.

I see he has a government issued headstone, so the funeral home should have a copy of military file.


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