Marion's Radio Interview -

Mucho gratias to all.

Slight change of plans...Good news - bad news!


Ken just wrote to me a few minutes ago and informed me that his whole segment has been bumped, due to election coverage. So there has been a postponement. I will inform you as soon as Ken and I both know regarding rescheduling.


However, there is some GOOD news too, and I am sharing part of his letter with you:




I was disappointed, but as soon as I read the part about Washington, well...The part about the National Endowment for the Arts, kinda perked me right back up. I am so honored to have been the topic of conversation. Thanks Ken.


It's just a postponement, so that's not bad, but the thing I DO feel bad about is not being able to wish ROCKY A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON NATIONAL RADIO! Sorry there amigo, I had it all set. :( Well we'll have to have a big party on the forum!! :drinkin:


Stay tuned more details...



48 hours and counting !!!!! rjr


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