Armonde salutes his grandaughter

Got this wonderful letter today from my vet friend, Armonde Casagrande


(see his page: )




Today was a great and rewarding day. Today I had the honor of giving my granddaughter, 2nd Lt Lisa Casagrande, her first salute.


Today she joins the Army Corp of Nurses. I'm happy to have lived long enough to see, at least one of my offspring serve her country...and how was your day ?






I wrote back and asked if I could share this with all of you.




I see no harm in that. I forgot to mention that she graduated from the ROTC, and it's customary that when a new officer is given their first salute, he or she must present the giver with a sealed new uncirculated silver dollar.


Someday I'll return it to her. As an after thought, I got a kick out of what one new Lt said. " Thanks Army for paying for my college"


Take care, Lov ya



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