Alamo in the Ardennes

Correspondence between John McAuliffe and the author a new book - Alamo in the Ardennes- John McManus




Dear Dr. McManus,


You may recall our exchange of letters of April 18,2006 in which you mentioned your new book "Alamo In The Ardennes", scheduled for release this March 2007. I have forwarded this information about the contents of your book to the Editor , George Chekan of our VBOB publication, the BULGE BUGLE....You may want to write your personal letter to the BUGLE telling a bit more of your book giving the Publisher, Address, and price..I'm sure our membership wait with much expectation for this new information on the action at Bastogne.I know I will purchase it.


Best Regards,

John McAuliffe, (87th Inf. Div)

Cent. Mass. Chapt.-22 VBOB

VP for Chapters.


Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, Inc

P.O. Box 101418

Arlington, VA 22210-4418




Hello Mr. McAuliffe,


It's great to hear from you, sir. Thanks so much for your interest in my new book ALAMO IN THE ARDENNES. I'm planning to run an ad for it in the next issue of the Bulge Bugle. Also, I ran one in the latest issue. The price of the book is $24.95 and the publisher is John Wiley and Sons. If you'd like, I can send you some editorial comments on the book and a brief description of it. I really appreciate the help you and George gave me in contacting the various VBOB chapters around the country. It allowed me to track down quite a few vets who were in the Bastogne fight.


Thanks again, sir. I hope you enjoy the book!


John (McManus)




Dr. McManus' previous book from Presideo Press was "The Deadly Brotherhood", about the combat Veteran in WWII.


John (McAuliffe)


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