Chuck, move to the head of the class! :armata_PDT_37: You are to be commended for your efforts. I for one thank you. Merci beaucoup mon ami!


People keep sending me junk on an almost constant basis and I keep telling them to verify, but the same danged people keep sending me things. When I tell them to re-check because it's been proven to be false, they answer back, well it SAID IT WAS TRUE! When did everyone become so danged naive and gullible? Because it said it was TRUE!


I would love to send them something about themselves and say, "Look what I heard about you. This person said it was true, so you must be a drunken thief!" Wouldn't that be the same thing?


What if I sent something along and some people doubted it, but I resent it and placed Dwight D Eisenhower's name in the email. Would that make it so? GOSH! I just don't know! :banghead:

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