Wearing of Medals by Reenactors

I just read a post by a person named Moose to Don Burgett. It's really kind of funny considering I just was thinking about the very topic he wrote about while I was in the shower.

I read a reenactor forum frequently, and the topic comes up quite a bit: Should reenactors wear medals, or not?

I have thought about it quite a bit, and have come to my own conclusions, and have my own ideas.

One of the things that comes up is actual reenacting, versus living history displays. Some say no to reenacting, yes to living history, to give the full impression of what a soldier would wear. If it were me. I would not wear medals at all. No CIB. No good conduct. No campaign ribbon. Definately no purple heart, or valor-type medals.

If I were going to do a living history representation using my grandpa as the basis of my impression, I would stick to the uniforms, equipment, weapons (where allowed) and stuff like personal items. To give the medal and awards information, I would take along my shadow box with my grandpa's medals and ribbons, so people could see what he was awarded.

I could not bring myself to wear ribbons or decorations that I did not earn. It would creep me out.

I have too much respect for what vets have done to protect my freedom to even think of wearing what they died and suffered for. Now keep in mind that I am NOT saying that those that do wear medals and such for living history and so on, are disrespectful, or slighting vets in any way. This is merely my opinion.

Anyway, this is just something I was thinking about and tought I'd throw it out there for you all to ponder.


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