The 11th Day - Crete 1941

The 11th Day - Crete 1941


You may have some trouble with this site as far as loading the web (it's done in Flash), but worth a look at this movie (you can view a trailer). You can skip the intro if it takes too long to load and go directly to the main page.

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Just finished watching "The 11th Day." This is without doubt, one of the most inspiring stories of courage in WWII that I have ever seen, and I have several hundred hours worth of WWII documentaries to compare it with. No other resistance movement in the occupied territories can compare with the efforts of the Greeks and Cretans for sheer courage and determination. This is why Hitler never again authorised a major airborne assault, and now I know why! I would highly recommend that anybody with a real interest in learning more about resistance movements in WWII see this film. This is a film you should watch together with your children and/or grand children if you wish to instill in them a value on freedom and sacrifice. I was very deeply moved by it....



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