Pilot wings and Sergeant Stripes

U.S. Military officer and en-listed men Rank

I had this problem twice in Air Cadet and Army Infantry

1--As a cadet I was flying Stearman and Texan going for the gold, that is wings and commision BANG WHAM they found they had too many pilots. They said I could go to any school I wanted. I looked down the list, not at the job but at the location that was close-est to to my home town that had the most beautiful girl in thr world MY WIFE.. The job was teletype but one dreary night they said pack up your clothes YOU are going to the Infantry.They needed cannon fodder in front lines.


2--As Infantry man in occupation of Taegu,Korea, our Sergeant was sent home for dis-charge. I was picked to take his place. The first day our company was out picking up butts and cleaning area. They told me to see that it was done then BANG WHAM I was told they had too many Sergeant and that is the story of life.




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