Well I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself, but DOH!!! :banghead::banghead:


As I've been conducting my research for the past 2 1/2 years, I am always discovering new info and of course too along the way, am always having to update and change what I've already posted because of recent discoveries.


As with other divisional units, the engineers were sometimes under different armies, corps, etc. during their activation during WWII. As many of you have seen, the 540th for instance, were under 5th and 7th Army commands, as well as VI Corps.


Some units such as the 39th, were part of II and VI Corps, as were the 48th. That is where I had my MOMENT OF REVELATION THIS MORNING!!! :direct::banghead:


Al Kincer of the 48th, had sent me an email this weekend regarding a CD and some other info he is mailing me. I was staring at his email while sipping coffee and said, "Oh for Pete's sake you stupid woman!!!" :wacko: There staring me right in the face was a circle with a "6" in it. 6th Corps stupid. :banghead::banghead:


Al was part of VI Corps!!!!!


Why am I bamming myself over the head you ask? Because as I compile MY VETS' stories on the site, I sort them into three categories on the Memoirs Pages

  • 6th Corps Engineers
  • Other Engineers
  • And Other Vets Stories
Well for the past two years, I have had Al's page listed on the Other Engineers Page. Doh and doh again. :banghead: So today I made some changes and rectified it.


Guess this will be a continuing thing; supplements, changing, etc. all the info that I am researching. Yes, a big learning experience....

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