The Lost Sketchbooks by Rex Passion

Received this letter from an author whose book is to be released soon. Sounds like a great book. :pdt12:





I visited your website and thought you might be interested in my project. I am writing a book about a young Philadelphia artist, Edward Shenton, who enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard in early 1917. He went on to train with the 103rd engineers, later attached to the 28th Division and sailed for France in May of 1918. He saw action as a combat engineer at the battles of the Marne, Fismes, and Meuse Argonne, all the time carrying with him his canvas-bound sketchbook and drawing everything he saw. When he returned to the states in 1919, he put away his drawings and resumed his art career, attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and eventually becoming one of the foremost book and magazine illustrators of his day. The sketchbooks remained among Ed’s papers for over 90 years when they were discovered by his son many years after his death. I am putting together a book of his drawings in the context of the places he saw and the battles he fought. I have attached an announcement for the book, which will be out in the fall for the centenary of The Great War. You can see the book’s progress on


Rex Passion

Komatik Press

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