$14 on Clothes in 10 years

Ah I agree with you 100 percent. Ya, and most people will say, well we gotta start somewhere, and of course that is true, but it is camouflage! It's kind of like hanging out a piece of bacon in front of the dog.


Ya, there are only a handful of TRUE believers, like Rand Paul. The vast majority of BOTH parties don't have the true interest of America nor the American people.


Don't you just love hearing them scream, well we can't cut this and we can't cut that. It can't be done. Well the ONLY reason it can't be done is they don't want to face the wrath of the "hand-out" crowd. No one wants to get THEIR piece of the pie cut. It's okay if you cut the OTHER guys benefits, but not mine. Sorry, but that doesn't cut in in the real world. Sometimes WE all have to suffer and make concessions in order to get our houses in order. Sorry folks, but that's reality.


Hey when things get tough in my house, we sit down and go through the dollars in and dollars out. When you don't have it, you cut it. You make tough decisions and certain thing have to go out the window. You start cutting magazine subscriptions, take less trips into town. Plan your meals and don't eat out. Take less vacations, etc.etc. You get the picture. Well the Federal government is NO different than household or a corporation. No really, they aren't. Rules of economy are the same at the top as they are at the bottom. Plain and simple.


They may wail and rant and feed you bull and try to explain why they can't do this and that, but it's all smoke and mirrors. Ya if they did real cuts, people would feel it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


If 75 percent of all the hand-outs ceased tomorrow, it might be difficult, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. People would adjust, the economy would adjust...


The Federal government is not grandma's cookie jar. Even grandma said no and told you when you'd had enough. It's time to put the damned lid back on the cookie jar.


Class dismissed!

Marion J Chard
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