And Major O'Brien's next assignment will be. . . . .



So my monitor (another Marine that is normally the same rank who decides where other Marines get assigned) calls me yesterday and had some news. The place I wanted to go in Camp Lejeune wasn't open anymore and the other places in Lejeune were likely not going to happen. But the good news was that the Commo position (the S-6) for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) was open - in Okinawa. I told her to give me a bit and I talked it over with my wife. We both agreed it was a good time and we notified the monitor that it was a go. This is a primo position, too! It is one of 7 MEU commo positions in the Corps so they are hard to get. Our report date will be no later than 1 July so there won't be much time after school for us to get packed visit family and get there.


I will keep everyone updated as I get news. The good things is that I know several people over there that I have been working with over the last few years. I also already had a trip to Oki planned for April so this will also serve as a time to do some recon. Can't wait!




I'll be back there soon!!



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