Purple Heart from WWII

There was a beautiful article on CNN website about one mans efforts to trace a WWII Purple Heart that he found at a swap meet.




Who is Pfc. Clarence Merriott, and why was his Purple Heart for sale?



What an intriguing story! Thanks for posting that sweetie. I want to make sure others read it and know it was about a 300th Engineer in WWII.

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That was a truly amazing story. How I would love to find a Purple Heart like that, especially one that had been awarded to a Combat Engineer! But it ended up in the right place.




Like all of you, I too really appreciate your posting that wonderful story. I will pass it along to some of the Vets I know that have computers.


Yesterday, I sent for Veterans Day, something I got off the 35th Division Website. While it was written about some of their men, It was applicable to WW2 Vets so I included that with my Veteran's Day greeting to all of them.


If interested, I can copy it on this site.


Thank You all so much!



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