Roy Rogers -- friend of the US Military

Roy Rogers was a great supporter and friend of the United States Military. He gave a lot of his time and money to that end. I first met Roy when we jointly opened the new USO in Victorville, California, in 1967. He represented the local community (Victorville/Apple Valley -- he and Dale lived in the latter community) and I represented the United States Air Force (George AFB Senior NCO Council).


We cut the opening ribbon together and then each of us gave a short welcoming speech. As we chatted following the ceremony, I soon realized that Roy was very interested in the US Military and also very appreciative of service men and women.


The George AFB Senior NCO council was planning a formal dining-in (spouses invited) at the NCO Club where the Division Commander (Brig. Gen. William E. Bryan) was to present awards and decorations to enlisted personnel who had earned them in Vietnam. I asked Roy if he and Dale would like to attend the Dining-in as guests of honor of the President of the mess (me).


He immediately accepted. When they arrived for the event they were dressed in stunning sequined western formal outfits and participated in the military pagentry with great enthusiasm. At the conclusion of the formal part of the evening they joined the award and decoration recipients in the lounge and stayed until the club closed (they both danced -- mostly with GIs and their spouses -- and enjoyed drinks, Dale only drinking cokes for she was a tee-totaller).


Roy realized that he and Dale's attendence assured sold-out participation in the Dining-in, but said he didn't mind that at all. In fact, he volunteered to lend his name to any event we needed to promote and held to that on many occasions.


Roy joined our Rod & Gun Club with the understanding that he would just be "one of the boys" with no special priveleges or recognition. He was an active and enthusiastic supporter and went out of his way to participate at every opportunity such as showing his personal Safari and Alaskan hunt movies in order to garner more income for us.


Roy Rogers was a patriot, friend of the Military and a great human being.



Roy Rogers with my daughters -- Mary Ann and Kathy -- and me at the opening of the USO in Victorville, California, 1967


Victorville? Hmmm. I was there last summer in the area.

Is that where they have a Wild West Museum or something related to Roy Rogers??




Victorville?  Hmmm.  I was there last summer in the area.

Is that where they have a Wild West Museum or something related to Roy Rogers??



Yes, I believe that is so, Steve. The Roger's family residence is still in Apple Valley.




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