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Jamie Maugans - 3_7_I_Recon - 02-01-2006

Last Memorial Day weekend, with my mom and grandad I visited my uncle in North Carolina. We went to see the Battleship North Carolina and while we were there several people were setting up a "healing field" on the lawn. There was 1 flag placed on the lawn for every soldier who died in Iraq. My mom bought one for me, but we had to come back home before the display would be taken down. A few months later my uncle came up here and brought me my flag. On it was this information:


In grateful memory of Army Sgt. Jamie O. Maugans age 27, from Wichita, Kan., who died on 4/15/2002 in Afganistan while defending liberty for you and me.


I researched his name on the web and found this website dedicated to him:


On February 2, he would have been 30.



Jamie Maugans - Walt's Daughter - 02-01-2006

What a great way to remember people. Makes it hit home. Makes it real. I'm sure you are very glad that you participated in that memorial service.