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Poem by Russ Weiskircher - Walt's Daughter - 01-08-2006

Russ sent this to me tonight. His words ring true.


The State of the Nation:


The darkness is descending upon this once, sweet prosperous land.

And like the twilight of the evening, it's comes ever so slow.

But sure as any tide that's crept upon the shore,

Wave by wave the subtle move begins to show.


At one time you could see our true foundation standing tall,

Looking wide and firm from sea to sea.

That foundation was our trust in God and folks were not ashamed.

To tell the world that's where our trust should be


But slowly, ever slowly we have turned to trust in men.

And fashioned heroes out of proud and boastful souls.

Making wealth and power the pinnacle of dreams,

And intellect the loftiest of goals.


And as the nation went,so also went the pulpits.

And the pillars of our homes began to sway.

And in the wake of a so called higher learning,

Our shields of faith began to falter along the way.


Through the years it seems a great progression was unfolding.

And tho' we kept God out of sight He still came through.

And in His mercy he still showers us with blessings,

But we ignore them as we are prone to do.


But now the evening fast approaches, and we move towards the night.

Some folks claim this is a new and better day,

But the don't know that they've been blinded,judgment will have its day.


Before the night is full upon us, let us consider how we strayed.

We have built too many castles in the sand, we reject His creative hand.


But the darkness keeps descending upon this once sweet prosperous land,

Like the twilight of the evening it's come slow,

But sure as any tide that's crept ashore,

Wave by wave the subtle move begins to show.