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OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-06-2007

Here's the current list of our songs.


244 songs and going strong.


OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-13-2008

Received a wonderful letter from a WWII vet this week. It tickled my heart! This is his second letter to me:





I have been listening to your web site for a long time now. I am a veteran of WWII who was part of the invasion at Omaha Beach and the battles at St. LO and the battle of the Bulge. I have been playing this music on the piano for a very long time especially for the GI's during the war and I really love your web sight. I call it my kind of music. The music of today does not compare. I have passed your web sight on to many people of my era and they all love it. I'm Beginning to see the light is one of my favorites also. I have a neighbor who I gave this web sight to and he plays the clarinet. We have a great time listening to the music you have on the web sight and we try to play a duet with this music. We have a good time. Is there a way to have other songs that I like added to your web sight? I found your web sight by accident looking for the music of my era. I got lucky. Hoping to hear from you again soon.


Your Happy Listener,


George Goldstein


I can just picture them "jamming" to the music. :drinkin:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 04-07-2008

Received yet another letter from a high school teacher. Truly made my day. So happy to be part of the curriculum.




I just want to thank you for your awesome WW2 music webpage. I am a high school American History teacher and every time I teach the WW2 unit I have an activity the students do to capture the essence of life on the homefront during the war. While they are working on the activity, I play your music through my ceiling speakers to set the mood. I see the kids tapping their toes and tapping the desks as they work. Thank you so much for this valuable resource!




Stacey Olsen

Birmingham, MI


Wrote back to her right away...


Dear Stacey:


How wonderful to make your acquaintance. I was delighted to get your email this afternoon for it truly made my great day even brighter.


Your email is the second letter from a high school teacher this spring; the other being from California. I am so honored to be able to contribute to the education of the younger generation, and as a connoisseur of an eclectic blend of music, I am excited to to be able expand the tastes of high school students.


Music has always been a wonderful venue and a great way to teach history. What better way to put the kids into the "moment". History comes alive and is no longer mere words, figures and cumbersome dates to remember. I applaud your efforts and I can't tell you how pleased I am to see how you are taking that extra step.


I would love to be able to meet you in person some day, for we too live in Michigan. We moved to Alger ('tween West Branch & Standish), six years ago this month, and originally hail from Detroit. We married and lived in the city and also had our own machine shop. Lee graduated from Farmington High, and I, from Plymouth-Salem. We are now running a small convenience store built in 1889, with attached house built in 1900. Talk about living history!


I graduated from Eastern MI with a minor in history, so my love of history stems from long ago...


If you get a chance, take a sneak look at my documentary in progress. It is a real work of love. It is such an honor to work with the WWII veterans. My only regret is not being able to meet them decades ago, for their numbers are dwindling all too quickly.


Thanks again for writing, and for giving me the chance to enter your classroom via the world-wide-web.





OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 06-08-2008

Received this week:


Dear Marion,


I have to say I just love your site. I teach American History to middle school kids. When you can infuse music into your lessons, it makes it so much more interesting. I just happend to come across your site and I love it. We are celebrating D-day in school and I am using your music in my PowerPoint slide show. Bravo



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-01-2008

Just received this from Italy. Wow, talk about making my day. So sweet and inspiring!



Why, isn't it wonderful!!!!! I just discovered your 6thcorps,music site...

Tears came to my eyes. I am not american, but the USA of those years

represented for all of us, the hope for liberty and democracy..What a

change...!!!Well, let's not get in arguments.

Just wanted to thank you for the beatiful music you offer us...How do you

say ..??? Thanks for the memory!!!

The soundtrack of my very early youth, my first of everything....

Keep on the good work...I have downloaded some pieces that are warming my


Please, don't stop adding...

Enrico Bergier



(Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

OUR MUSIC PAGE - roque_riojas - 08-01-2008


OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-01-2008

Yes, it is amazing what kind of deep emotions a certain song can conjure up. :unsure:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Jeeper704 - 08-02-2008

Been listening to "St Louis Blues March" today and the music is on constantly here as well. :armata_PDT_01:

Great job. :clappin2:


"All I do is dream of you" ......... wow, got me misty eyed here (thinking of my Fiancée so far away).


Thanks so much.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-02-2008

Hey boys: There are times when I proud to say, "I can make a grown man cry"! :pdt12:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Jeeper704 - 08-02-2008

In fact, I made a CD for my Fiancée as a little present.

I'm sure she'll appreciate the music.

I put some nice romantic songs on it and also the song "What do you do in the Infantry?" which I found rather funny. :armata_PDT_01: