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OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-01-2005

Since changing to the new format, I've realized that some folks with dial-up connections are having problems, so I've also installed a second version that uses the old format. So you now have a choice when you bring up the music page -


new format with radio style jukebox or


older format with that requires you to select each song manually


Enjoy! -_-

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Parnell-H - 07-23-2006

I know I am behind the times but its great to find some good music from the era. My mom came to visit me two weeks ago and she always tells me I was born in the wrong era. My interests and values have long since gone. I am glad to still be able to associate with people from that era. That is another reason I re-enact. I want people to remeber those time and what they stood for. People are forgetting to fast.




OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

Okay I uploaded these songs this afternoon. Oh boy, new tunes!!! :nuts:


These are all songs by the Andrew Sisters :pdt20:

  • Elmer's Tune
  • Daddy
  • Sing, Sing, Sing
  • Wake Up and Live
  • Well All Right
  • Hold Tight
  • South American Way
  • Don't Be That Way

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

Added more Glenn Miller
  • All I Do Is Dream of You
  • All The Things You Are
  • Basin Street Blues
  • Begin the Beguine
  • Body and Soul
  • Carribean Clipper
  • Cow Cow Boogie
  • Everybody Loves My Baby
  • Farewell Blues
  • Get Happy
  • Jeep Jockey Jump
  • Otchi - Tchor - Ni Ya
  • Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  • Tail End Charlie
  • Where or When

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 08-30-2006

Because of the amount of work trying to maintain two seperate music pages:


-One for slower connections, which plays songs individually when selected and


-One for faster broadband connections, The Jukebox, which plays like a radio station


I will only be uploading NEW music to the Jukebox. The other one will remain part of the site, but new material won't be added. It will remain as it is.


I apologize for this, but since they use two different formats, the amount of work I would have to put into it, just isn't worth it. Plus the Jukebox is so much easier since I merely have to upload mp3's, instead of having to put in several extra steps for the older format.


Just thought I'd let cha know.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Reg from the Bulge - 12-17-2006

Here's one of my favorites !!!!!

Would be great to have it in the jukebox as well !


It's the paratrooper song "Blood on the Risers ".


link :



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-17-2006

Glory, glory, what a hell of a way to die. This was really appropriate timing because I just finished reading Band of Brothers, not even ten minutes ago. Was getting ready to sit and write more of my book, but thought I'd see if anything was happening on our forum. Lo and Behold I find this tune. Talk about impeccable timing sir Reg!



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Daan - 05-31-2007

I'm sorry for bringing up this topic, but i think it's worth it ;)


What a fantastic webpage with those great songs on it! Really nice, thank you for your time and effort in putting those songs online :pdt34:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 05-31-2007

No need to apologize. Always happy to discuss anything on this site including music. Glad you enjoy it too!


Thanks for the Memory... :drinkin:


OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-06-2007

Added about a hundred more tunes last night. Now that was a BIG upload! :nuts:


I don't have an updated printable list yet, but will work on that when I have a chance.


ENJOY! It's my Christmas gift to all of you!!!! Now ain't that love? :love7: