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OUR MUSIC PAGE - James Pickering - 02-15-2005

I remember the start of a song that was in every juke-box.

It must have been UK song

It started "There will always be an England" that is all I can remember ..........

There'll always be an England,

While there's a country lane.

Wherever there's a cottage small

Beside a field of grain

There'll always be an England

While there's a busy street.

Wherever there's a turning wheel

A million marching feet.


Red, white and blue

What does it mean to you?

Surely you're proud

Shout it loud

Britons awake!

The Empire too


We can depend on you.

Freedom remains

These are the chains

Nothing can break.


There'll always be an England

And England shall be free

If England means as much to you

As England means to me.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-15-2005

I knew one of you guys would come through for us. Thanks a ton James. Words and music too. You're a doll! B)

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 03-06-2005

I can't believe it. I just started the music page a couple of months ago and thought it would be pretty cool, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take off like this. As of tonight the page has received 6,955 hits. Incredible folks.


I have received email from people all over telling me just how much they love it and how they can get copies of the music. Fantastic.


I am glad that everyone is enjoying it so immensely. I sure am too.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 03-07-2005

Dear friends, more music is on the way to GREAT " MARION'S JUKEBOX SATURDAY NIGHT" including more from the Andrews Sisters,Glenn Miller,Benny Goodman and something special... Please wait for a couple of days.:clock:


Special thanks to Vet's and their reaction on Marion's Music "Page" !

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 03-07-2005

Did I ever tell you how utterly cool you were? Well if I didn't, I am now. Misha rules! B)


Thanks my friend. Yes, the music page has really taken off and I have you to thank for part of it's success. Your name shall remain in lights.


My friend from Alaska, Nancy, just sent me a disk tonight too and I haven't even had a chance to listen to it yet. More stuff to come your way...



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 03-08-2005

:wub: Thanks General, this is a old rules -if an Army have a great General-Army is great too! So, regards to all,i must keep workin' on music now,Sir! :pidu:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 03-08-2005

Knock,knock... :rolleyes:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 03-09-2005

Who's There? :unsure:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 03-09-2005

The Kid, sir,with one good news and bad one . Good one is-for a 10 (max.)days you are owner of two more discs,not only with a music, bad one is something for yours ears only,sorry to rest of visitors if i tell you i must kill you,ha-ha!Dont vorry,nothing spectacular, some about customs ... :pal:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 03-09-2005

Well, what do they say Misha, it's the thought that counts. :pdt34:


I will be eagerly awaiting my package from Le Kid. How much fun is this? :D I thank you in advance.


Le General