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OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 01-29-2005

Added new tunes from WWII today thanks to my friend Misha from Yugoslavia. He sent me a great CD with all kinds of World War II music and I just started compiling and uploading today. I added about 10 tunes from Glenn Miller and Harry James and will be adding more this week.


WWII Tunes


So check it out and I hope you enjoy the tunes as much as yours truly. Let's swing.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 01-30-2005

I can help you with the Andrews sisters if you wish.

There is list from my old cassete(LP is lost somewhere)

1.Elmer's tune


3.Wake up and live


5.Tipi -tin

6.Well,all riht

7.Hold tight

8.South American Way


10. Ciribiribin


12.In the mood

13.Bei mir bist du schon

14.Don't be that way

15.Don,t sit under the apple tree

16.Boogie woogie bugle boy from co. b

17.Woody woodpecker song

18.House of blue lights

19.Straighteen up& fly right

20.Down by the Ohio


Marion,I can do it in the same way like last time. :woof:

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Misha - 01-30-2005

Sorry on my english, i mean.. as last time! Deck-PC-CD mp3!O.K.?

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-01-2005

That would be wonderful Misha. I put up about 10 more songs tonight. Thanks a billion again. You have made a wonderful contribution to our site. I know the vets really appreciate it too. I get many letters from them saying so.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-01-2005

Today I added a great medley mix of the Andrew Sisters that Misha sent me. I didn't even realize it was on he CD he mailed to me until today. Was driving down state to get groceries for the store and the medley started up. 13 minutes of great swing. B)<_<

OUR MUSIC PAGE - rennog - 02-02-2005

^_^ Hi there I'll send you some of my cd's when I'm finished with the movie's for you, I will include a movie from Normandy made by my brother it's on a VHS cassette and I have no VHS player anymore so have to borrow one so I could rip it on the pc and write it on a dvd for you.

Have a nice day you all


Martin :D

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-02-2005



Gee between you and Misha I am going to be in great hands. Both of you are so kind to take your time to make CD's and tapes for me. I really, really, really appreciate your generosity. :D-_- Thanks so much. It is nice having new friends like you. :drinkin:


Please let me know if I can ever help you out. I wouldn't mind at all, so just ask. I owe ya one! ;)


Have a great day!!!

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-09-2005

Added an Edith Pilaf tune yesterday and will be adding more some time today. Hey, even a Jimmy Durante song coming your way. This is in thanks to my new friend Jerry Aschermann. Thanks! B)


Okay Jimmy Durante is now uploaded too.

OUR MUSIC PAGE - Cadetat6 - 02-15-2005

I remember the start of a song that was in every juke-box.

It must have been UK song

It started "There will always be an England" that is all I can remember.

It was not a very good song but at that time it seemed OK


How asbout The three little fishes, they swam right over the dam



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 02-15-2005

I'm sure our English friends will help you out on that one. Okay blokes, fire away.