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OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-28-2004

It's just getting started, but we now have a WWII Tunes Page. I just uploaded one song tonight, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition." I hope to have many more tunes within the next few weeks. The page will open in a separate window, allowing you to continue browsing the site while listening to your favorite tunes.



WWII Tunes This link is defunct!


Please use this one: VI Corps Music - The new link!




OUR MUSIC PAGE - Cadetat6 - 12-30-2004

Great program

Pick for to-day "You'll never know" Dick Haymes

Nice memories as air corp. cadet in Florida

For you young-uns the rest of that line was "how much I love you"


papa Art

OUR MUSIC PAGE - rennog - 12-30-2004

:D Hi from Lux.

That's an amazing idea I like the music from the 40's too I have 5 or 6 cd's with music from that time and fom time to time I listen to it.

My favorite are the Andrews sister with Rum and coca cola :clappin: .


I wish you all a happy new year 2005 :drinkin: .



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 12-30-2004

I too like the Andrews sisters. What great harmonies. Ahhh! Well, when I go to France and meet mes cousins, then we will have to meet for some 40's music avec rum et coca-cola. :DB)


Glad you are enjoying the new feature. I've already heard back from several of the vets and they're in seventh heaven.


I now find myself going through the house and store humming and singing music from the 40's.


Thanks for the memory...

Happy New Year,


OUR MUSIC PAGE - colinhotham - 01-15-2005

I've just had an evening of nostalgia. What takes me back 60 odd years is the voice of Captain Glen Miller introducing the AAF band. My parents used to listen to the AFN. My dad was a Royal Marine bandmaster during WW2 and led a military dance band playing that kind of music.





OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 01-15-2005

Oh good. Glad I could bring back some good memories for you. Glenn Miller gets me going too.


Ah your dad was a bandmaster. How interesting. Do you have any copies of tunes he did? Any recordings?

OUR MUSIC PAGE - colinhotham - 01-16-2005

I'm afraid I have'nt any recordings and and have been unable to discover any. I know he made recordings for the BBC, of programmes like "Workers Playtime" and have a photo of him fronting the dance band at Ford's Dagenham plant in 1944. I have contacted the BBC archives and the National Sound Archives but assume from their answers that nothing was kept.





OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 01-16-2005

That's too bad. Don't give up though, maybe someone or several someones have copies, even if the BBC doesn't. Who knows, maybe someone will read this post and say, "By George, don't we have those old tunes?" Stranger things have happened, Colin.



OUR MUSIC PAGE - Walt's Daughter - 01-16-2005

I take it you've seen all this stuff right?


Search for Royal Marine Band

OUR MUSIC PAGE - texas38 - 01-22-2005

:D  Hi from Lux.

My favorite are the Andrews sister with Rum and coca cola :clappin:  .



I remember the Andrews sisters from when I was a kid. You couldn't go anywhere that they weren't singing on the radio. Drove me batty, though, trying to figure out which one was which. To this day, I couldn't tell you.


Another song from WWII - Deep In The Heart of Texas! Though born in Texas, I was living in California. Everyone was singing it, especially when I walked in the door. Lord! did I ever get tired of that! It was a catchy tune, tho. - Marilyn