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Papa and I and the 101st Airborne - Walt's Daughter - 10-19-2005

Well Papa Art and I are off to the October 101st Meeting here in Michigan I get to present Don Burgett with the little gift I made for him; the slide show presentation of his trip to Europe last month. Hope he likes it.


I'm sure he and Mark Bando will have all kinds of interesting tales to tell regarding their journey.


I am bringing some items of interest along with me too. Many of the things that I've received from vets over that last few months including items from Normandy. The guys will love it! :pdt34:

Papa and I and the 101st Airborne - Cadetat6 - 10-28-2005


Oct. 19,2005 was big time. Marion picked up Art and they went to 101st lunch at Leather Bottle Restaurant. George had every thing set for a good day. It opened with pledge of a legion to our country and a prayer by George. Then we heard from a young soldier just came back from Iraq. A Michigan State Police Officer was asked if you could drive 5 miles over the speed limit and he said you can drive as fast as you want BUT his look told you had better not. Don Bugett did not make this meeting but most of the regular did. George always there, Don Straith on crutches from his broken hip, Mark Bando with his tape on his jumping from C-46, and (I can ‘t remember names) rest of the regulars. Marion set up her WW2 items that took up a whole table. A Ike jacket, --- S.P. Arm Band,--- a M.P. Arm Band,---many old army booklets of regulations,---many item that her fathers friends gave her--- a German emblem,---a tape she made of Don Burgett tripe to Bastogne. Mark Bando came over and looked at all the WW2 items and invited Marion to one of his next over sea’s tripes. Again our little historian was on cloud nine. After pulling her back to earth, we went toi my house so she could send the lunch pictures to Lee ( her husband) in Alger, Michigan. Then we had supper and Marion went to meet Lee sister