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The End is nigh. . . - CaptO - 05-03-2018

Well, I know I've not been hanging around the site much, but I've been pretty busy. I had assumed that after my job as HQ Company Commander (they still have my picture up as of now) they would ease me into something else that wouldn't take so much time as I wind out my time before retirement, but that was not to be. I have been made the Operations Officer for the HQ&SVC Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico. As such, I have been running on all engines since I took over in March. Also, the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon is coming up (20 May) in Fredericksburg, VA and the Battalion runs that so that means that I run that! Fortunately, I will be running it with a great Ops Chief and 350ish other Marines, but it does keep me busy. Soon, however, I will be replaced with a guy who is sticking around longer (I was just the Band-Aid to get the Battalion through the Marathon). So hopefully, I can start winding down and work on getting a new job, because. . . .

I retire on November 29th! That's actually my terminal leave day and my official end of service is 1 Feb. That will make for 24 years in the Marine Corps. Hard to believe it will be coming to an end.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in because it had been a while and I wanted to share that news. I'll write more later, but I gotta go!


The End is nigh. . . - Walt's Daughter - 05-04-2018

What's the old saying? No rest for the wicked.  :zelda: /emoticons/default_zzzz.gif" title=":zzzz:" />  Of course they want you to go out with a bang!  :1028:


Congrats and we look forward to talking with you more once you return to civilian life!  :14_2_108:

The End is nigh. . . - CaptO - 05-04-2018

What is also hard to believe is that I've been hanging around here since 2007! I do miss the old days, sometimes. Remember when we had probably 5 or so regular WWII vets posting almost daily?

Dems were da days!

The End is nigh. . . - Walt's Daughter - 05-04-2018

Oh, how I miss that. Joe, and Rocky, and Papa Art, and so many others. What a joy that was, having avid discussions with all the veterans and of course everyone else who would join in. There were so many serious and funny exchanges. We learned so much and the vets loved having a place they could go to and just be themselves.