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Dunkirk - buk2112 - 07-18-2017

This Friday,July 21st 2017, is the opening day for the newest World War II movie titled "Dunkirk". I think this is going to be a good one, getting my tickets for this weekend.




Have a good one everybody!


Dunkirk - Walt's Daughter - 07-26-2017

Here's a review of the movie from a Calgary man who was there when he was twenty. Very touching. He loved the movie and thought it did justice to the event.


Dunkirk - CaptO - 08-02-2017

This was an awesome movie! Not a movie that has a ton of character development, but that's not the point. Great visuals, both CGI and use of real life boats and aircraft. I will warn anyone who has not seen it, there are basically three stories and they are all told simultaneously. What is confusing at first is that each story takes a different time to tell. They tell you how long each story takes right at the beginning (one week, 24 hours and 1 hour, if I remember properly).  I just didn't catch on to what they meant at first. All three stories end at the same time. Sound confusing? It's not so bad if you are prepared for it.

Dunkirk - Walt's Daughter - 08-04-2017

Can't wait. So far have heard great reviews, including reading articles by several vets who were there. Thanks for your review!